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F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sinds Bas Luhrmanns verfilming van The Great Gatsby in 2013 staat het leven en werk e van F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) weer volop in de belangstelling. Teder is de nacht beschouwde hij als zijn meest persoonlijke roman. Zoals hij zelf schreef: ‘Gatsby was een tour de force, maar dit is een geloofsbelijdenis.’ Op vind je alle boeken van F. Scott Fitzgerald.


This title is a collection of 45 novels and short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald's short stories have themes that do not only relate to the problems and culture of the Jazz Age, but were also about the promises and despair encountered by the youth, as well as aging. Love and relationships between two mismatched or unlikely characters are common, such as people who are unlikely to develop a spark of romantic interest between each other.

The plots are usually set in the culture of the upper middle class and the elite, with characters either from this social group or aspiring to become part of it. Being inspired by the events that occurred during The Great Depression and the stock market crash, the stories also involve characters who lose wealth, but who are still trying to maintain their opulent lifestyle.

However, Fitzgerald's stories will remain relevant no matter which era the readers are born into.

Inlcuded in this book:


This Side of Paradise (1920)
The Beautiful and Damned (1922)

Short Stories:

The Mystery of the Raymond Mortgage (1909)
Reade, Substitute Right Half (1910)
A Debt of Honor (1910)
The Room with the Green Blinds (1911)
A Luckless Santa Claus (1912)
Pain and the Scientist (1913)
The Trail of the Duke (1913)
Shadow Laurels (1915)
The Ordeal (1915)
Little Minnie McCloskey: A story for girls (1916)
The old frontiersman: A story of the frontier (1916)
The diary of a sophomore (1917)
The prince of pests: A story of the war (1917)
Cedric the stoker (1917)
The Spire and the Gargoyle (1917)
Tarquin of Cheapside (1917)
Babes in the Woods (1917)
Sentiment—And the Use of Rouge (1917)
The Pierian Springs and the Last Straw (1917)
Porcelain and Pink (1920)
Head and Shoulders (1920)
Benediction (1920)
Dalyrimple Goes Wrong (1920)
Myra Meets His Family (1920)
Mister Icky (1920)
The Camel's Back (1920)
Bernice Bobs Her Hair (1920)
The Ice Palace (1920)
The Offshore Pirate (1920)
The Cut-Glass Bowl (1920)
The Four Fists (1920)
The Smilers (1920)
May Day (1920)
The Jelly-Bean (1920)
The Lees of Happiness (1920)
Jemina (1921)
O Russet Witch! (1921)
Tarquin of Cheapside (1921)
The Popular Girl (1922)
Two for a Cent (1922)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (1922)
The Diamond as Big as the Ritz (1922)
Winter Dreams (1922)

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F. Scott Fitzgerald
Palmera Publishing

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