The Works Of John Milton In Verse And Prose - Vol IV

The Works Of John Milton In Verse And Prose - Vol IV
Auteur: John Milton
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  • oktober 2007
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John Milton

"John Milton (9 December 1608 – 8 November 1674) was an English poet, polemicist, man of letters, and civil servant for the Commonwealth of England under its Council of State and later under Oliver Cromwell. He wrote at a time of religious flux and political upheaval, and is best known for his epic poem Paradise Lost (1667), written in blank verse.

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THE WORKS OF IN VERSE AND PROSE l PRINTED FROM THE ORIGINAL EDITIONS WITH A L-IFE OF THE AUTHOR BY THE REV. JOHN MITFORD VOL. IV. - CONTENTS OF VOL. 11. - THE Doarine and Difcipline of Divorce Reflord to the good ofboth Sexes, from the bondage of Canon Law, and other miftakes, to the true meaning of Scripture in the Law and Gofpel compard, c. . . . . . . . . . . . . Tetiachordon Expofitions upon the foure chief places in Scripture, which treat of Mariage, or nullities in Mariage, c. . The Judgment of Martin Bucer, concerning Divorce Writtn to Edward the Sixt, in his Second Book of the Kingdom of C h r i f i c . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Colailerion a Reply to a Nameles Anfwer againit the Doarine and Difcipline of Divorce. Wherein the trivial Author of that Anfwer is difcoverd, the Licencer conferrd with, and the Opinion which they traduce defended . . . . . . Of Education. To Mafier Samuel Hartlib . . . . . Areopagi tica A Speech for the Liberty of Unlicencd Printing The Tenure of Kings and Magiitrates Proving that it is Lawfull, and hath been held b through all Ages, for any, who have the Power, to call to account a Tyrant, or wicked King, and after due conviaion, to depofe, and put him to death if the ordinary Magifirate have negleaed, or denyd to doe it, c. . Obfervations on the Articles of Peace between James Earl of Ormond for King Charles the Firit on the one hand, and the Irifh Rebels and Papifis on the other hand. And on a Letter rent by Ormond to Colonel Jones Governour of Dublin. And a Reprefentation of the Scots Prefbytery at Belfait in reland. To which the faid Articles, Letter, with Colonel Joness Anfwer to it, and Reprefentation, c. are prefixd . . . . Page The DoArine andDificipline of Divorce Refiord to the good of both SEXES, From the Bondage of CANON L AW a, nd other mifiakes, to the true meaning of Scripture in the Law and GoCpel compard. Wherin alfo are fet down the bad coniequences of abolifhing or condemning of Sin, that which the Law of God allowes, and Chrifi aboliht not. AFow tAe fecund time revisd and zuclr azigrze rted, In Two BOOKS To the Parlament of EngZatzd with the Affernbly. v Match. 13. 52. Every Scribe inzrutted t o the Kingdome of HEavn, is like the MazJer of a ho ffe which Lri zgeth out of his trea-Jury things rrew and old. Prov. 18. 13. He that anfwereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and frame unto him. To the Parlament of ENGLAND, with the ASSEMBLY. F it were JeriouJy apt, and it would be no untime4 queJion, Renowned Parlament, ye l e f l AJembly, who o f all Teachers and Maf ters that ever have tau, ght, hath drawn the m D i les after him, both in el ioh a, nd in manners, it might be not untruly a erd, CnJZorne. Though vertue be cornmended for the moJ perfwazue in her Theory and Confc ience in the plain demonJZration o f theSpikit, Jnds moJ evincing, whether it be the cret of divine wil, or the original bZindneJe we are born in, f o it happns f r the rnoy part, that CuJZome Jifl is Jlenth receivd f o r the beJ inJ2ruEter. Except it be, becaus her method is f o glib and eaze, in me manner like to that vgon of Ezekiel, rowlhg up her fudden book o f implicit knowledge, for him that will, to take and fwallow down at pleafure which proving but of8 bad nourzfiment in the conco8ion, as it was heedleJe in the devouring, pufs up unhealthily, n certain big face o f pretended learning, mgaken among credulous men, for thewhoJ4ome habit ojfoundnegt and good conJ2itution but is indeed no other, thm that Jwol...



oktober 2007
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John Milton
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