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  • januari 2020
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This book has been written as a warning to us all as

Christians because of the time and season we are in.

With concern in regards to the various things that have been

spoken to us by the word of God, to the church and the body

of Christ.

We are all very aware of many end-time prophecies presented

to the church at this time and season. We have to be careful

as to what each of these words of prophecy are saying to us

all, as we are looking for guidance and direction from the

word and what it is telling us to do, in these uncertain times

we find ourselves having to face.

I believe there is most certainly going to be trumpet calls to

us as Christians. To wake up and sharpen our thoughts, to

search and find out what Jesus has said in the gospel records

and what He has told us specifically to do, to be ready for

His coming, to receive His bride, His people, for the gathering

of all the saints to be together with Him. I have taken

the time to listen and allow the Lord to speak and bring both

a natural and spiritual call to every one of us, as to what is

happening in the Churches now and the need for change.

The world is gathering momentum to promote everything

opposed to the growth and spreading of the gospel of the

Lord Jesus Christ.

The Antichrist has established a battleground and is talking

loudly of its plans to come against the working of righteousness

and the gospel in every country.We, as people of God, have to strongly look at ourselves and

our walk with our Father at this crucial time. To make sure

we will live according to His word and not the temptations of

following the world system and the sin that has been accepted

openly by people who follow a very different path from our


In these pages, I pray that you will see the red flags and the

knowledge of what Jesus has said to us all, to be separate from

the world and the direction it is trying to persuade the people

to accept and to be.

The church has to play a profound role in bringing about that

separation of the body of Christ from what the world has to

offer, rather than what God has told us to do. That is to be

obedient to His word and His ways, which calls us out into a

separate and different place. We have to see the church system

has changed and has accepted worldly things, which brings

confusion and compromise in many areas. This book will try

to portray those areas of what has happened to draw people off

into following a gospel of worldly persuasion and acceptance.



januari 2020
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Adobe ePub


Colin Mcerlane

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