The Young Conjuror - A Book for Amateurs A Book for Amateurs

Auteur: Will Goldston
Taal: Engels
The Young Conjuror - A Book for Amateurs
Auteur: Will Goldston
Uitgever: Read Books
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781408632208
  • november 2007
  • 88 pagina's
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Contents Include: Coin Candle - How the Money Goes - "Change, Please!" - How to put a Finger through a Penny - The Money maker - The Money Changer - The Balanced Coin - The A.W.G. Card and Coin effect - A New Changing card - A New Rising Card - The Rising Cards - The Appearance of a Silk Handkerchief in a Bottle - An Excellent Handkerchief Fake - A Large Bouquet produced from a handkerchief - New fake for Producing a handkerchief - Novel Production of a handkerchief from the Flame of a Candle - A Good Handkerchief producer - A Pass for Handkerchief production - The Broken match - A Second Sight Trick - Enchanted Confetti - The Wonderful Hat Die - New Bottle Mystery - The Invisible Mouse - The Inexhaustible Box - The Magic Incubator - The Electric seeds - The Hypnotised Wand - Hat Production - A Trick with a Rubber band - New Ping-Pong Ball Trick - The Celebrated Trick and Collar Bolt - The Ball and Wand Balance - New Slate Writinf Trick - The Enchanted Blocks - A Balancing Feat - The Newest Cone production - The "Best of All" Rice Bowls - "What a Draught!" - A New Egg-Producing Bag - A Neat Drawing Room Trick - An Improved Egg Vanisher - The Confetti Trick - An Improved Egg Vanisher - The Confetti Trick - A Novel Transformation - The Wandering Roman Balls - Confetti and Bran Change - The Wash Bowl and Jug - Novel and Improved Thimble - A New Card on Bottle Effect - A Useful Changing Bag - The Ball and the Wand - The penny and the Florin - The Halfpence and the Die - The Cards and the Handkerchief - White or Red - The Card Stand - The Fountain of Fire - The Damaged Sunshade - The Bottle and the Glass - The Mysterious Hand - The Tambourine Trick - A Curious meal - The Gamagic Coin Fake -Wine and water - The Magic Sands - A Spiritualistic Trick - The Cigarette paper - Two Handkerchief Fakes - The Mirror Glass



november 2007
Aantal pagina's
88 pagina's
Met illustraties


Will Goldston
Read Books



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