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Things Get Pretty Harsh
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  • 9781310042393
  • september 2014
  • Adobe ePub
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Five Extremely Rough Sex XXX Erotica Stories

In this collection, the heat is very, very hot. Five tales of rough sex from five brilliant mistresses of erotica… there's rough group sex, blisteringly rough domination, and plenty of rough and reluctant first anal sex. It's explosive and powerful, and it's all just a click away. Download now and you can read it on your e-reader in seconds!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of rough sex. It includes rough sex with stranger, rough first anal sex, rough group sex, rough threesome sex, rough domination, submission, first lesbian sex and more.
  • BENT OVER BY THE COWBOY GUARD (The Young College Student's Backdoor Surprise) by Jane Kemp

  • It was my turn to distract the guard so my dorm mates could stay out past curfew. I was just supposed to flirt, but the flirting wasn't working so I decided to let the guard with the big hat and the cowboy boots know he could have a hell of a lot more from me than just flirty conversation. He was happy about that. In fact, he took more than I ever expected when we got to his office and he bent me over and pushed right into my untouched ass! It was a backdoor experience I thought I'd never, ever have.
  • MASTER IS UNHAPPY (Very Rough First Anal Sex for the Submissive) by Veronica Halstead

  • Marnie is in pretty significant trouble. She let things get a bit out of hand during her sex show, and this submissive sex worker has really, really angered her Master. He's ready to teach her to be more careful with his property, and in this case the submissive training is going to be terrible. Very, very rough deep throat, a humiliating spanking, and perhaps worst of all…a brutal first anal sex experience… How is it that Marnie can handle everything Arthur sends her way? And how is it that even as tears of humiliation are running down her cheeks and pain is running through her, she can't help but love the abuse?
  • ME AND MY BOSS ON THE BALCONY (A First Anal Sex Office Humiliation Erotica Story with Rough First Anal Sex) by Debbie Brownstone

  • Hardworking and lonely 28-year-old Caroline has been eyeing a particular CFO position for some time. She's prepared to go to night school for her position, but she's about to surprise even herself with just how far she's willing to go for her career. She finds the perfect opportunity to really impress her boss. She's in for a long evening of promotions and her first anal sex experience!
  • RICHARD WANTS MY ASS! (The Curvy Girl's Rough Sex Experience) by D.P. Backhaus

  • We were on a business trip when Richard came on to me, and I was surprised because Richard was the kind of powerful and attractive businessman who could pretty much have any woman he wanted, and I…well, I wasn't the kind of girl that a man who could have any girl would want. He didn't treat me that way, though. He loved my body and he took me to heights I never thought were possible with his glorious and beautiful body and his especially incredible cock. It was massive and perfect, but the sight of it wasn't nearly as incredible as the way he used it. It was passionate and rough and overwhelming but that wasn't the best part about it. The best part was how he used that incredible tool! I had my first experience with rough sex and my first anal sex ever!
  • ROUGH SEX FOR MY FIRST THREESOME (Group Sex with My Best Friend and Her Husband) by Nancy Brockton

  • My best friend and I had fooled around for years but we never took it far. It was all just sexy pinches, very light kissing, and pretending we'd do more. One day, we tried on new sexy outfits and played around like we always did, and while I was giving her a little peck I felt her husband's hands on my breasts! Sally and I were both shocked but Bobby didn't give us much chance to think about it at all! He was rough as hell, and for some reason I really, really liked it!



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    Naughty Daydreams Press
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