Third Parallel to Marriage
Auteur: Samuel Johnson
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781425774226
  • september 2007
  • 144 pagina's
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Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) was an English poet, essayist, critic, journalist, lexicographer, and conversationalist, regarded as one of the outstanding figures of 18th-century life and letters.  In addition to his Dictionary and the philosophical romance of THE PRINCE OF ABYSSINIA (1759, later known as RASSELAS), Johnson published essays in The Adventurer (1752-54) and The Idler (1758-60). He wrote a number of political articles, biographies of Sir Thomas Browne and Roger Ascham, and contributed to the Universal Chronicle.


Third Parallel to Marriage is a life experience novel that demonstrates perseverance of love to overcome the various encounters that lead to a search for a meaningful relationship with a chosen bride. The circumstance that prevailed in urban society created an superficial standard of character which caused a deficit in education and spiritual transformation. As the man attempts to address both deficits in his life, he is confronted with the conventional discourse of persuasion. While his career is being altered by the foreign and domestic policy, he is removed from the educational system and reactivated into military service. In his absence from the normal routine of work in education he is enlighten with revelations toward new cultural standards equality, freedom and spiritual edification with a woman. That woman is the answer to the future existence of man, but her state of mind had to be parallel to spiritual consciousness to achieve unification with the forces of creation. Social awareness had to be infused with the dynamic concept of evolution from the standard of mass deformation. The issues of the war in Iraq, and the constant state of conflict penetrates the conscious state of mind and the economy into the state of repression.. The general population loses sight to reason, and recognizes social regression as the cause for the elusive social policy towards equality. In hope of avoiding extinction from the human evolution chain, he must prepare the necessary measures to counter act the forces of destruction. The people are preoccupied with survival on the material scale, and slip into captivity and spiritual destitution. He places hope in reviving the true state of relation with a woman that demonstrates the latent spiritual essence of her being. The reigning powers over society had created a state of dualism over the standards of living in a democracy, and digressed from the purpose of life defined in the constitution. In an effort to restore the values of immortal, he must channel his conscious energies into the past civilizations that founded the path to destiny. He discovers that the symbol on Yen & Yang represent the two dynamic spirits of life, and embodied all creation. The reflection of man was instilled with the conscious being that connected to the elements of life. After a long exhausting search upon the land of his birth, he must pursue the essences of the woman that has insight into destiny on a distance lands. Finding her will enhance the chances of success to restructure the ecological system, and instill the energies of life to preserve the future existence of man. From his prior experience in the studies of the mystic arts and nature, he conceives the design for cultural education for transformation and ascension. The secret religious text revealed in the advent of man's destruction due to deformation of human life, and the precepts of life and government must be reconstructed to preserve civilization with the path of destiny. Together with the minds of the women that have reached the state of awareness to conceive the aspects of vital energies for transformation they encounter genesis. Upon the path of wisdom they must learn of an extraterrestrial existence that transforms life into the immaterial state of being. In this dual state of existence between two worlds, the dualism between Yen & Yang is dissolved, and the forces that reigned over the destruction of human life is confined to another world. The combine energies of the entities that enter the nucleus of the earth core will be prevalent over the physical world dominated by Capitalism The pure and impure will be revealed by the works the constitution instilled within their minds and heart. Global events indicate that the environment of the Earth shows fluctuation of climate and changing pattern of energies. The occurrences are attributed to global warming, due to the unexposed knowledge of the



september 2007
Aantal pagina's
144 pagina's


Samuel Johnson



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