Thumbs Up! EBOOK Tooltip 5 Steps to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Auteur: Joey Reiman
Taal: Engels
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Auteur: Joey Reiman
Uitgever: Benbella Books
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781941631201
  • juli 2015
  • Adobe ePub
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"Hold Thumbs Up! in your hands and you'll be one step closer to finding purpose in all corners of your life." —Esther Perel, author of The State of Affairs

As a young man, Joey Reiman was told he might never move his hand again after a paralyzing accident. Refusing to accept this prognosis and give in to negative thoughts, all he wanted to do was move his thumb. "If I could just raise my thumb," Reiman thought, "the rest will follow." With this seed of what he now calls optimalism—believing that optimism creates optimal outcomes—Reiman did it. He gave himself a thumbs up.

Now Reiman, a successful marketing and branding expert and renowned motivational speaker, shares his belief system, revealing how five simple pointers will ultimately help you activate your dreams into actions. The secret to success is right at your fingertips. Learn to:

  • Give the world a thumbs up

  • Point to your purpose in life

  • Give the middle finger to fear

  • March forth to take action

  • Remember the little things that matter

Thumbs Up! is a how-to that focuses on looking up and rising up to all you imagined you could be, and determining that a life of purpose begins in the palm of your hand—leading to deeper love, more meaningful work, better health, greater wealth, and richer faith.


� I found myself earmarking each page. Whether a story or a quote, each page contains ideas and principles which inspire, reinforcing the importance of finding our own individual purpose. Thumbs Up! has made me reflect on who I am and inspired me to recommit to who I want to be...and bring it to life every day. � Neil Golden, Former CMO, McDonald's � When an athlete goes down, a hand always appears out of nowhere to pull the athlete up. Joey Reiman is that hand for all of us who have fallen down....He took purpose and brought meaning to business. Now he takes purpose and brings meaning to life in a way that is mesmerizing and energizing. � William A. Burke, III, Chief Operating Officer, Newell Rubbermaid� Joey Reiman once again plots a course for those of us looking for an authentic and wise guide through this crazy world. � Hugh Acheson, chef, author, and judge on Top Chef � Thumbs Up! is a positive and powerful guide I use to encourage my patients to have faith in their ability to heal and thrive! If someone needs a helping hand� I strongly recommend Thumbs Up! � Craig Weil, MD, Orthopedic Hand Surgeon� Thumbs Up! is terrific� Joey's best book ever. When you read it, it will change your perspective on how to best live your life and give you a hand in finding your personal purpose. � Carol Tome, CFO, Home Depot� This book deserves two thumbs up. Every parent should buy this book to read to their children. � Corey Keyes, Professor of Sociology, the Winship Distinguished Research Professor at Emory University� If you are seeking greater purpose in your life, seek out this gem. � Philip Kotler, Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management and author of Winning Global Markets and Confronting Capitalism� Why merely survive when you can thrive. Joey Reiman knows how to translate the hard questions into palatable actions....Hold Thumbs Up! in your hands and you'll be one step closer to finding purpose in all corners of your life. � Esther Perel, leading relationship therapist and speaker The lessons learned in this book are timeless and applicable to anyone. � Erika James, Dean of Emory University Goizueta Business School� Joey Reiman explores techniques and approaches required to inspire and sustain individual leaders on the journey of leadership. This book outlines powerful approaches to unlocking the potential within each of us. � Doug Shipman, Founding CEO, National Center for Civil and Human Rights � Thumbs Up! is that rare combination of a book that is at once profound and playful, wise and joyful. It will put air beneath your wings, ground under your feet and give you a map that will help you find the purpose of your life. � Sam Keen, philosopher and author of Fire in the Belly� Joey shows us how success is in our hands and that giving the world and yourself a thumbs up can put you on the path to a happier life, and when you give others a thumbs up, it can create a movement for a happier world. � U.S. Senator Max Cleland (Ret.)� [Joey] has devoted his professional life to helping companies maximize potential by finding purpose and creating meaning in the world. His new book helps individuals do the same. � Andrea Hershatter, Sr. Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, Emory University Goizueta Business School

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Adobe ePub


Joey Reiman
Benbella Books

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5 Steps to Create the Life of Your Dreams
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