Top 10 Bible Doctrines

Taal: Engels
Top 10 Bible Doctrines
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781940356006
  • juni 2013
  • 166 pagina's
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1.Concise and Comprehensive 2.Scriptural and Systematic 3.Enlightening and Exciting 4.Definitions and Descriptions 5.Packed and Powerful 6.Foundation For Faith 7.Answers Tough Questions A Scriptural, systematic, practical, and down to earth study of the fundamental tenets of the major Bible doctrines including: the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, man, sin, salvation, angels and demons, the church, and prophesied final events. These eternal and fascinating top 10 include answers to top Biblical questions asked by most today (including those that separate most religions, cults, and denominations). For example, it answers what the Bible says about Angels: Who or what is Satan, demonic gateways, seraphim, guardian angels, possession, what a cherub does, any angel stronger than Satan, do some have six wings, some four, some two, some look like people, where are angels now, can we cast out demons today, can animals or Christians be possessed, did giants result from angelic sex with people, do angels marry, die, what is angel's food, can angels be saved, who is the Archangel, how many are good or bad? It covers 10 key Bible doctrines (not a 100; averages about 10 pages each in an 8 1/2 x 11 format). This book concisely and thoroughly covers each doctrine. It doesn't cherry pick or skip due to difficulty. It substantiates quoting over 250 Scripture passages and 4,000 references. It also provides rationale without a lot of fluff or undefined scholarly words. It contains a brief outline of each doctrine that is systematically, logically, or sequentially organized. It can help protect the reader from the proselytizing of cults, false religions, and the error of political correctness. It defines the top alternative belief systems to God. It provides Greek and Hebrew meanings, explains how to best approach God's Word, and lists free resources. It shows man's origin, purpose, and way to have abundant life now and for all eternity. For those who have never read through the Bible (the most popular, published, translated, studied, and influential Book ever), this provides a short summary and how to do so. It is a great reference book to refer to over and over again. Every home, school, or church library could benefit from this concise, comprehensive, interesting, and easy to read reference.



juni 2013
Aantal pagina's
166 pagina's



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