Top Models Vol 61 the It Girls Top Models It Girls

Auteur: Michelle Ives
Taal: Engels
Top Models Vol 61 the It Girls
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781514650059
  • Druk: 1
  • oktober 2014
  • 282 pagina's
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FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST TOP MODELS Vol 61 THE "IT" GIRLS What, exactly, defines a TOP MODEL "It" Girl? Is it her talent, whether on the catwalk, in ads and magazines. Is it her fame in film, music, or television, that captivates? Or is it just her bold, original swagger that spawns endless imitators? The answer, as you might have guessed, is both. Men yearn to be with them, girls want to be them. And one thing for sure everyone is always reading about them, talking about them, and trying to imitate them. Ever since Andy Warhol gave rise to the "15 minutes of fame" and his Factories legion of "it" girls popular culture has been obsessed with "it" girls, and a TOP MODEL "it" girl is on an altogether other kind of elevation. It is as much for their infamy as their physical perfection that TOP MODEL "it" girls are sought after by designers to be their muses, by leading fashion photographers to lend their star power to their latest photo spreads, and snaring an "it" girl to be your new brand ambassador can overnight swing your brand's perception and image in a whole new direction. The media cannot stop following an "it" girls every move. Whether it's their hacked cell phone pics, or their latest love affair, drug or sex tape scandal an "it" girl is always breaking news. In this edition Fashion Industry Broadcast gives you it's 10 ultimate TOP MODEL "it" girls. Number 10 Kendall Jenner Number 9 Gigi Hadid Number 8 Andreja Pejic Number 7 Abby Lee Kershaw Number 6 Milla Jovovich Number 5 Georgia May Jagger Number 4 Gisele Bundchen Number 3 Cara Delevingne Number 2 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Number 1 Kate Moss TOP MODELS Fashion Industry Broadcast's "TOP MODELS" is a series: TOP MODELS - Vol 60 THE LEGENDS TOP MODELS - Vol 61 THE "IT" GIRLS TOP MODELS - Vol 62 RUNWAY TOP 50 TOP MODELS - Vol 63 SEXIEST GIRLS TOP MODELS - Vol 64 TOP 50 TOP MODELS - Vol 65 NEW SUPERS TOP MODELS - Vol 66 MALE LEGENDS TOP MODELS - Vol 67 TOP 50 MEN TOP MODELS - Vol 68 SPORTS/MODELS TOP MODELS - Vol 69 SEXIEST MEN TOP MODELS - Vol 70 RUNWAY TOP 50 MEN Fashion Industry Broadcast is the number one destination on the web for the latest in fashion, style, music, creative arts, creative media, models, celebrity biographies and much more. Our site is available globally in 13 languages and is updated daily. Not a minute goes by without our passionate team scouring the globe for the latest breaking news and insider gossip. Fashion Industry Broadcast publishes on a vast array of media platforms art books, eBooks, apps for mobiles and television documentaries. We cover all the key areas of popular culture, style and media arts. Our products are sold globally in over 100 countries through our partnerships with people like Amazon, Apple, Google and many more. You can purchase all of our products directly from the FIB site, please have a browse. A very special video rich multimedia App version with hundreds of original films, interviews, runway shows, behind the scenes at fashion shoots and advertisements, is available through Apple's iTunes App store and other major App stores for just $9.99 per edition. Look for "FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST" on the Apple App store. Contact"



oktober 2014
27,9 x 21,6 x 1,9 cm
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282 pagina's



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