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Torrie and the Dragonslayers
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  • 9781927592021
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  • april 2013
  • Adobe ePub
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Cossypha's father, a reclusive sorcerer, seems to have gone mad. He's done something truly horrible to the servants and, since becoming obsessed with a mysterious Great Spell, hardly even notices Cossy's existence. She's had enough of being treated like a child and forbidden to study sorcery, so when she discovers Prince Rufik in the dungeon, she decides to steal him. Rufik, though he doesn't like being forced to believe in magic, is on a quest for a legendary, dragon-slaying sword. His father's kingdom is being laid waste by a dragon and the Sword Wormbane may be their last hope. Among some of the creatures in the Wild Forest, there's a story that the sword was forged by a sorcerer long ago and hidden, against the day when it would be needed to save the kingdom of Erythroth. Torrie begins to suspect that the story of the sorcerer and the Sword Wormbane is bound up with his own past. Did his friend Wren foresee some terrible fate for him, or why didn't she ever tell him about the sword? Even if they survive the dragon, Torrie and Cossypha may still be bound by Torrie's promise to return to Mistglom Castle and set things right. And a mad sorcerer who can do ... that ... to his servants is not a man to trifle with.

Critical Praise for the Torrie Books

Torrie and the Snake-Prince
''Typical of Johansen, the writing fits the world: quest, magic, forests and castles, are all described with rhythm and vocabulary that bring the reader close to this Dark Age fantastical environment... If this book could be compared to a wine one might taste hints of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and the Brothers Grimm yet not without sensing the distinct flavour of Johansen.'' -David Ward, Resource Links
- Nominated 2008/2009 Hackmatack Award
- Chosen by IBBY (the International Board on Books for Young People) for their 2011 selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities
- Honourable mention, OLA Top Ten Best Bets for Children 2007
- Resource Links Year's Best List 2007
- Nominated 2008 Silver Birch Award
- Translated into Macedonian

Torrie and the Pirate-Queen
''Quirky and original!'' -O.R. Melling, author of The Chronicles of Faerie
- Winner of the 2006 Lilla Stirling Award from the Canadian Authors' Association
- Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Starred Selection
- Nominated 2006 Silver Birch Award
- Nominated Diamond Willow Award
- Translated into Danish and Macedonian

Torrie and the Firebird
''Johansen enthrals readers and keeps them entranced....This book is a must-read...'' -Georgie Perigny, Canadian Review of Materials
- Ontario Library Association Top Ten Best Bets for Children for 2006 list



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K.V. Johansen

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