Transmission of Electrical Power Explained Simply Energy Technologies Explained Simply

Transmission of Electrical Power Explained Simply
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  • 9781479330089
  • september 2012
  • 108 pagina's
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This book will inform you on everything you need to know regarding the transmission and distribution of electrical power.This book is also a “field guide”, with numerous pictures, designed to help you identify components of the transmission system which are around you every day. In this book you will learn the sequence of events in the transmission of electrical power. You will also learn all options for the technologies for each step, with advantages and disadvantages of each technology. This book is designed for readers with little or no technical knowledge. Every concept is explained using simple language, numerous illustrations, and guided examples.At the same time, this book discusses all factors and technologies in enough detail so that you can also use this book to design the best power transmission system for your needs. Table of Contents9.1 Sequence from Power Plant to Home9.2 Transformers and Substations 9.3 Power Lines Overview 9.4 High Voltage Transmission Lines 9.5 Community Level Distribution Lines 9.6 High Voltage Direct Current Power Lines9.7 Underground Electrical Cables 9.8 Cable Design and Laying Cable 9.9 To the Homes and Businesses Appendix Index The first chapter provides an overview of the electrical power transmission system. Here you will learn the main components and the sequence of the process.Chapter two discusses transformers and substations. In this chapter you will learn how a transformer works, the terminology associated with a transformer, and how to calculate voltage change through any transformer. You will also be able to identify the main transformer types and arrangements. The chapter concludes with an overview of substations.Chapter three provides an overview of power lines. This chapter provides an overview of the factors to consider when selecting and installing power lines. Note that most of the rest of the book discusses those factors in detail.Chapter four discusses high voltage transmission lines. In this chapter you will learn the types of high voltage lines and be able to identify possible arrangements. You will learn the best choices for materials for the power lines. A separate section is devoted to weather tips: how to ensure that power lines survive the most extreme weather. The chapter ends with a detailed discussion of safety of high voltage lines, including the effects of EMF on human health.Chapter five discusses the lower level voltage lines which are used in neighborhoods. In this chapter you will learn the design and maintenance options for the power lines near your home.Chapter six is devoted to the new technology of high voltage direct current (HVDC) power lines. In this chapter you will learn the advantages, disadvantages, and best uses of HVDC power lines.Chapters seven and eight discuss underground cables for power lines. Underground cables allow the region to look neater, yet there are many difficulties associated with underground cables. Therefore in chapter seven you will learn the advantages and disadvantages for underground placement of power cables. In chapter eight you will learn the some of the most important practical tips for installing underground cables.The final chapter discusses the sequence of power through the homes and businesses. Here you will learn exactly how the electrical power flows from the transformer outside your home, through your home into the appliance, and outward again. You will also learn some concepts for wiring in the home. In this chapter you will also learn how businesses and large facilities design electrical power systems for their needs. At the end of the book you will find an Appendix data tables, including Wire Sizes in different units, and Resistance in Wires based on type of material. The book is completed with a comprehensive Index, enabling you to find your topic easily.



september 2012
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108 pagina's
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