Treatise And Hand Book On Orange Culture In Florida

Treatise And Hand Book On Orange Culture In Florida
Auteur: t. W. Moore
Uitgever: Read Books
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  • 9781408650653
  • februari 2008
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PREFACE. This work is designed to lessen the difficulty of angular computation, as in roof framing, etc., where the hypothenuse of a right angled triangle is essential. The systems now in vogue among the laymen are of an intricate nature, a, nd the student is apt to get discouraged with the multiplicity of lines used to obtain a nominal result. The writer has experienced some of the difficulties and inconveniences from the scale systems, that urged him to search for a definite and accurate system, and having been successful through several years of research has been constrained to publish the same for the benefit of his fellow craftsmen. This system is based on thePythagorean theorem, the sum of the squares of the two sides are equal to the squares of the greater side or hypothenuse. The tables are in three measurements, viz feet, inches, eighths feet, hundreth feet feet, inches, tenths, commencing with g inch, foot, - inch and advancing to 150 feet, 144 feet, 120 feet respectively in column I, 11, IV. This table is called Tables of Reductions and Squares. The second table is called Angular Ratios, for its dealing with degrees, minutes, etc. commonly known to be sines and cosines, but have been tabulated altitude and base, and gives the ratios for every degree and minute in the quadrant. The third table is called Table of Pitches, and are multipliers, commencing at 1 inch pcr foot base, and advancing by ft per inch rise to 1 foot 6 inclles rise per foot. G. D. INSKIY. Table of Reductions and Squares Column I contains every dimension from inch to 150 feet, expressed in feet, inches and eighths of inches. Column IV contains every dimension from inch to 120 feet, expressed iri feet, inchesand tenths of inches. Column I1 contains numbers which run in sequence from 1 to 14400, each being the number of eighth-inches in the dimension immediately at its left, or the number of tenth-inches in the dimension which stands opposite in column IV. For instance, the first dimension in Column I is inch. In one inch there are 8 eighths Column 11. But in 1 inch there are 10 tenths, hence 1 inch in Column IV is not opposite 1 inch in Column I, but is two lines lower, opposite the figure 10 in Colunln 11. I t will thus be seen that any dimensions in Column I is opposite a smaller dimension jn Column IV. The relation between these two opposite numbers is immaterial since Columns I1 and IT7 catznot both be used in the same compu. tatio t. Column 111 contains the square of every whole number from 8 to 14,400, each number in this column being the square of the one adjoining in Column 11. The following problems illustrate some of the uses of this table. A certain rafter-length, 13 5irr, is to be divided by 8 in order to find the length of 7 cripple rafters. 1 3 by Column 11 l 161 8 eighth-inches. Pass along Column I1 until 161 is reached adjoining this in Colurn11 I is seen 1 8hr. Then the first cripple is 1 88 in length. This measurement, however, is, of of an inch of an inch less than is represented by 1618, which is close enough in practice. But as this dimension is nultiplied 1 in order to find the length of the longer cripples, the error is also multiplied. For the second cripple the error is A, and so on until 8 X 1 88 13 5, which is 2 shorter than theoriginal dimension. This error can be confined to less than in any one piece by performing all computations in eighths. For example, thefirst cripple 1618 the 2d 2 X 1618 3222 the 3d 3 X 1618 4846 the 4th 4 X 1618 6454 the 5th 806i the 6th 968i the 7th 11298 and the 8th 1291. Find each of these numbers in Column 11, and adjoining each, in Column I is the required cripple length...



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t. W. Moore
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