Trumping the Race Card

A National Agenda - Moving Beyond Race and Racism


Trumping the Race Card is a perfectly timed book, which brings crucial insight and understanding to the very complex topic of race, both historically and currently. This well written and accessible book, through a combination of the writer's personal history and conceptual frameworks, helps the reader understand not only the origins of the concept of race but also the inevitability of systemic racism throughout history. The book also goes the next step required to make change by providing ways to address the challenges and obstacles they present to relationships, organizations, and society. Lee Gardenswartz, Ph.D. Anita Rowe, Ph.D. Partners, Gardenswartz & Rowe and The Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute
In "Trumping the Race Card: A National Agenda - Moving beyond Race and Racism," author and diversity consultant Rodney Patterson provides a thought provoking examination of race and racism in the United States, which invites us to consider several questions, including: Are racism and prejudice the same or are they supporting ideologies? If a person is prejudice, does that make them racist as well? What makes a person a racist in the true sense of the word? Is there a way for us to trump the race card or overcome race and racism?
Mr. Patterson provides the Anatomy of an Ism model to show how biases can evolve and transition into acts of racism by individuals, ultimately becoming institutionalized within systems.
He concludes by encouraging each of us to avoid the inclination to "look the other way." More specifically, Mr. Patterson provides 10 strategies aptly designed as action steps, which cover a broad spectrum of concepts, each designed to move us collectively beyond race and racism, and bring us closer to the idea of living as a true community."



Rodney S Patterson



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