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Undutiful Daughters

New Directions in Feminist Thought and Practice

  • Engelstalig
  • 222 pagina's
  • 9780230118317
  • augustus 2012
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This exciting collection offers a range of perspectives from some of the most prominent feminist voices of our time, including Rosi Braidotti, Judith Butler, Claire Colebrook, Elizabeth Grosz, and Jack Halberstam. Employing experimental modes of thinking and writing, the contributors remain faithful to the feminist tradition of subversion and resistance, while refusing to submit to its political tradition of a loving sisterhood or dutiful daughterhood. Through productive disagreement and cognitive dissonance, the essays presented here reflect the specific circumstances of our present, and attempt to dream and envision possible alternatives for the future. The volume thus invites us to think of the becoming of feminism itself, and the possibilities of future feminisms-to-come.


This book offers radically new ideas circulating alongside neologisms: fluid bodies that live in aleatory and disruptive times, beyond and within the organism, in contact with the ecosystem and with life itself, while motherhood takes the place of advanced technologies and vice versa. Contributions are budding in creations that are at once aesthetic, philosophical, and political: dissidence, anarchism, humor, but also solidarity, vitality, and subversive resistance. The voices of these 'undutiful daughters' do not advocate a new system of values they do not belong to any cult of identity that would lock them up in some commonplace universe. The alternative that is proposed in their hymn to singularity and creativity is a 'multiverse' (to adopt a term from modern cosmology). A utopia? Our future. -Julia Kristeva, University of Paris 7 Denis Diderot, France A polyphony of singular feminist voices tuned on the 'third wave' critical rhythm, this book is relevant to both mapping the multiple threads of feminist theory and providing new conceptual sounds, in order to revitalize the unruly spirit that has been an essential feature of feminism. It succeeds in cracking the surface of a seemingly stagnating present and provides unforeseen political and speculative routes for feminisms-to-come. - Adriana Cavarero, University of Verona, Italy This wonderful collection challenges practices and tropes of loyalty, transmission and generational fidelity by suggesting the affirmative and generative, rather than reproductive, potentiality of feminist theorization. Arguing for unfaithfulness as a form of critical disobedience, the contributors articulate forms of feminist theory that are not beholden to the genuflection to foremothers but are rather always complex in its temporal affiliations and divergences with histories and identities. A must-read for those invested in the multiple futures of feminist theory. - Jasbir Puar, Rutgers, United States



augustus 2012
Aantal pagina's
222 pagina's


Fanny Soderback Soderback
Palgrave Macmillan Ltd



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