Unleashing God's Truth EBOOK Tooltip The Overcomers

Auteur: Dywen Lauren
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Dywen Lauren
Uitgever: Westbow Press
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781449731472
  • januari 2012
  • Adobe ePub
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Unleashing God's Truth, The Overcomers, was formerly released as two individual books: As I Also Overcame, and He Who Overcomes.

Together they portray the personal journey of the author, Dywen Lauren, and how God trains her to be an overcomer, and empowers her to teach others the qualities necessary to gloriously overcome.

Whether you are an earnest seeker who wants to find the one true God, or the sincere Christian who wants to live a life of victory while pleasing and honoring God, you will find this book enlightening and full of convicting truths.

Christians who are wavering will find powerful reasons to fear the Lord and return to Himto their first love.

The destiny of the nation lies in the destiny of the Church, and Gods will for the Church is to be an overcomer. Im sure as you read this book, youll find yourself challenged, encouraged, nourished in Christ, and empowered to move on to greater things in your life.

Dr. Rajan Thiagarajah, Senior Pastor, Mighty Living Waters Life Fellowship, Australia

Dywen brings a timely warning and needed reminder to all Christians and even to Pastors, of the perilous times we are in. The deceptions that are highlighted in this book already exist and the Lord Jesus said that even the very elect would be deceived, if it were possible. This book will open the eyes of those who are not watchful.

Khim Ang, Senior Pastor, River of Life Sanctuary, Malaysia

This book makes you think about the importance of abiding in and living the Truth, to discern deceptions and overcome the works of our flesh in order to live as an overcomer.

Pastor Larry Leong, Singapore

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Adobe ePub
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0 - 2 jaar
Met illustraties


Dywen Lauren
Westbow Press

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The Overcomers

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