Vignettes of Small Glories

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  • november 2000
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The real victories of our lives frequently can be found after the storms, in glimpses of small glories.

In the midst of the storms of our lives, we often find mountains which appear impossible to climb. Many times we reach the top, only to discover there is yet a higher mountain to climb. Sometimes the rocks of despair and fear cause our steps to falter in defeat. In the dark of sleepless nights, we ask ourselves, What have I achieved? Where is the victory? Where is the joy?

Frequently, the answers can be found to exist in the illusive and fragile moments of small glories. Away from the storm racked mountains, in the cool valleys of time, live the small glories. They echo forth in friendships, love, laughter, fantasy, and inspiration. Small glories are brief, high intensity moments of pure joy or an unexpected gift of insight in time of trouble. It is my belief that God sends these moments to us, over and over again, with HIS affirming touch. They are nurturing and vivid reminders to keep us on the pathway of life and increase our sense of direction. Some glories are humorous, some are subtle and sweet. Others, explode in a rush to rescue us from inevitable moments of darkness. It is imperative that we be aware and open to their arrival.

Journey with me beyond the storms. Perhaps you will be reminded of a similar legacy of memories. Reach out to them and let them envelop you in the joy of intangible victories. Let the facets of truth warm your heart. Finally, let the legacy of small glories whisper the calm affirmation of hope.

Interesting to Note:

While researching for this book, the Author consulted with friends in the marketing field. Upon their advice, she decided to test market twelve readers on their reactions to the vignettes. Six of the readers were very secure in their faith and the other six were somewhat tough and cynical about religion, and had very little joy or hope in their attitudes.

All twelve found that Vignettes of Small Glories had touched them in ways that they had not expected. The six that were more spiritual felt that it had offered religious values in a subtle way without preaching or using a lot of Bible quotes. Each found themselves sharing a tear or two in pain and joy. The six who were a tougher audience, were surprisingly more verbal and openly admitted that they shed a number of tears and laughter because the book gave them such a good feeling, deep in their hearts. One of them commented that she felt such a sense of victory at the end. Another felt as though she had: Taken a quiet walk on a stepping stone pathway, surrounded by vines and flowers and finally came to a small cottage. Once inside the cottage she felt welcome and loved. Her statement seemed to provide a kindred comfort level and a willingness to be led to a feeling of eventual serenity.

The twelve readers opinions reinforced the Authors belief in the timing of the book. Various television networks are adding more spiritual awareness programs with stories about angels and faith in God. Many books are following a similar trend. In todays troubled times, joy is an exceptional event and hope has become a priority. People are anxious, and grasping for hope wherever they can find it.

Although Vignettes of Small Glories is written mostly as an inspiration to women, men will also enjoy sharing it with their wives or partners. It is intended to touch readers, from teens to seniors, who may need a fragment of proof that there is a way to grasp for joy and ultimately receive the gift of hope.

The Authors files contained over one hundred vignettes written throughout her lifetime. When death almost touched her own life twice, she began her search into the past for solutions in her faith, a



november 2000
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428 pagina's


Christine Scott
Xlibris Corporation



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