Voiceover A Radio Presenter's Brush with Cancer (High Grade Dysphonia)

Auteur: Glyn Williams
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781490584140
  • juni 2013
  • 40 pagina's
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Our Latest True Story

''You May Have Cancer''I can remember those words, they didn't just vibrate my eardrum, they hit me like a freight train coming out of a tunnel.

Here I was, a radio presenter and a salesman. For 25+ years I had relied on my voice not just for conversing with family and the usual day to day running of my life, but for my entire identity, my profession and my earning capacity. Up until this point in my life it had served me well. Now I was being told I may have throat cancer.

The dread that the statement above created made it's way through my soul like a knife through butter and simply chilled me to the bone.

As I sat in the hospital waiting room I was surrounded by people with 'manufactured' voice boxes. They either had some kind of fleshy button to press or one of those electronic voice things they hold to their throat.

Now I was scared, how does one go about beating cancer?

What really hit home was the mere mention of the 'C' word; Cancer. When you have a problem with your voice then everyone is thinking about it but they skirt around it thinking that if you say ''Vocal Cancer'' it could make it real. So of course everyone tries to say other things ''something not quite right'' is one ''a little cell change'' is another. But Cancer is the big one isnt it. Nothing prepares you for the first time you hear your doctor say it to you.

I explored so called 'new age' healing therapies, it's a step often taken when you are faced with surgery that is irreversible, The results were interesting to say the least. Full details of my journey from Radio Presenter and salesman to Author and consultant are within these pages.

High Grade Dysphonia

That's what they called it, this thing I had, and another word was Leukoplakia. The first half of the word was enough - Leuk - as in Leukemia. What was I to think? The words High Grade Dysphonia would remain in my life forever.

What's In The Book?

This book is the true story of my journey from the first instances of a cough and sore throat, to laser surgery and beyond. It's the journey that many people undergo every day within the hospitals and voice clinics of the world.

If you are in this situation then you are likely being bombarded with information about what to do and what will happen to you in the coming months. This true story is my way of sharing what that journey is like and how I got out of the other side, damaged but still here.

I've also included a description of what High Grade Dysphonia is so you understand it.

Who Should Read This?

This book is of interest to the following readers
  • Those that like a true story
  • Those diagnosed with High Grade Dysphonia
  • People concerned about a voice condition
  • Those with relations going through this
  • Medical practitioners that would like to understand what a patient is feeling

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    juni 2013
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    40 pagina's



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