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  • Engels
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  • 9781498986281
  • mei 2014
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Three hot stories about wives who want more than just one man, and the men who love everything about them.


Andy and Susan have gone away to couples romantic weekend, deep in the woods at a mysterious old hotel. The spark between them isn't really there anymore though, and Susan is talking a little too eagerly to some new man who is also a guest at the hotel. Andy isn't sure what to do, until he meets a strange old maintenance man who tells him the terrible truth and gives him a little gift. What Andy ends up seeing is a lot more than he bargained for, but maybe it's just what they both needed. Certainly Susan gets everything she wanted and more, and Andy finds out that there's a whole new way to see her.


Mark wants to have a romantic afternoon at home with Cathy, but she's got other ideas. She's been flirting with Dominik, a dark and muscular new man at her gym, and now she wants to invite him over to play. Mark's not invited, in fact, and he's going to have to be a good boy while they do whatever they want. If he's very good they might let him watch.


Jenna's new boss, Mr. Steele, has been flirting with her at the office. He knows she's married and he doesn't care, but Jenna surprises him by letting him know that she and her husband Randy have an arrangement for this kind of thing. They show up at Mr. Steele's enormous mansion for an evening of fun, but Jenna is feeling doubly naughty, and ends up breaking the rules again and again whenever she gets a chance.

Excerpt from Susan's Choice -

When Andy walked up to the bed, and stood near the big armchair, Lloyd finally saw him.

Lloyd's eyes grew wide, and he looked honestly panicked.

''Oh crap,'' he said.

''Mmmm,'' Susan said. Her eyes were closed, and Andy watched her keep doing what she was doing to him.

Then Lloyd said, ''No, really. We have a problem.''

Her eyes popped open, and she instantly caught sight of Andy beside them.

''Oh,'' she said in a small voice. Lloyd's manhood flopped back onto his stomach.

Andy sat down in the chair, practically falling into it.

Susan stared at him, wide-eyed, and Andy stared back at her. Her lips were wet with saliva.

''How did you get in here?'' she said.

He waved his hand.

''It's a whole thing.''

He looked at Lloyd.

Lloyd stared back at him evenly, and stretched his arm out behind his head, and then rested it there casually and sighed.

''What happens now, Andy?'' he said.

Andy shook his head.

''I don't know.''

Susan's eyes narrowed, and she picked Lloyd up again with one hand, and played with him, staring hard at Andy the whole time.

''I think you should just sit right there,'' she said.

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Lydia J. Farnham
Lydia J. Farnham

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