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Uitgever: Bookbaby
  • Engels
  • 9781626759459
  • juni 2013
  • E-book
  • Adobe ePub
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How was it possible for the simple molecules which arrived on the early earth to be transformed into the extremely complex forms which compose living cells? If we are to believe the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Laws of Probability, spontaneous assembly would seem to have been absolutely impossible! Based on that Second Law, systems move spontaneously from order toward disorder – not the other way around. Furthermore, there are simply too many options of bonding between atoms to have accidentally produced the molecules of life. However, the process did not occur in air - most likely, it occurred in saline water: an environment which we now know has such intrinsic properties of quantized order that it not only reverses the direction of spontaneity but provides the quantized entanglement properties which permits it to direct the formation of spatial structures and integrate their functions. First: recent studies have provided evidence that the largest ordered unit in liquid water is a Trimer with three molecules hydrogen-bonded together and that as many as six water molecules may form oriented linear elements on surfaces. Although these ordered forms last for only about 10-12 seconds, a million millionth of a second, they, like those which form at interfaces between water and air and water and oil, impose linear and planar order on molecular surfaces. Second: motions of water molecules adjacent to ions and surfaces are governed by Quantum Mechanics, not Newtonian Physics – water molecules jump from one preferred probability position to another. As water molecules on surfaces move from conditions of low-entropy order to higher-entropy disorder, they absorb quantized units of energy from those surfaces to drive bonding within toward higher levels of order. Third: water molecules adjacent to the surfaces of natural molecules like proteins, nucleic acids and polysaccharides exhibit the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance doublet peaks of ice, not the singlet peaks of liquid water. Since doublets are produced by water molecules in linear elements, water molecules appear to exist as transient linear elements in specific orientations on ordering surfaces. Again, they last for only 10-12 seconds, but they form so continuously and rapidly that they impose linear and planar order on surfaces. Fourth: ultra high-speed irradiation of liquid water with neutrons has provided evidence that the protons of water molecules exhibit the same dual Quantum Mechanical Particle and Wave Properties as electrons in metals – they couple together to produce Entanglement. Just as entanglement coupling between electrons provides communication at extended distances in metals, proton coupling ties water molecules together at extended distances in living cells. Thus, living cells must be considered as gigantic molecules with transient linear waves, which last about 10-15 seconds, circling the molecules and tying them all together. Thus, Transient Linear Hydration on surfaces as well as Quantized Hydration Patterning in the free, unbound water around vital molecules occur so rapidly, relative to the movement of the molecules, that the molecules continually experience order around them. The purpose of the book is to present an accurate graphic presentation of how the major classes of molecules in living cells might well have formed in a spontaneous fashion and how they function in such a coordinated manner today. Indeed, it was energy of the sun and the increase in entropy of surface water which functioned symbiotically to bring forth the molecules of life. If life should cease and the conditions which brought it forth are repeated, it will appear once more.

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Joseph C. Collins

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