What Is Luv
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  • juni 2015
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Life has its ups and downs but it so much easier to conquer when you have the right team behind you. Friendships are brought together based on similarities but torn apart by differences. True friendships use the differences to reflect on their lives to be better than yesterday. Kym, Asia, Toni and Shelly try to work on their futures and keep their strong bonds while trying to figure out what love truly is. Asia is a beautiful woman who can't help who she loves. Her friends see her situation from the outside and even though it sounds like hate they want her to be safe and happy. Trying to juggle love family and a wedding Asia seems to really need a friend to help sort her life out. Will she choose her controlling man or will she run to the arms of an unexpected stranger? Toni seems to have it all together, after becoming a teen mom and now career driven woman it's time to make life changing decisions. All Toni wants is the best life for her son. Fighting to get a connection with her son and his father is a task at hand, It's even harder when your baby daddy is now engaged to one of your best friends. It's time to face the love devil and fix relationships and also be the positive voice for her friends that she sees spiraling down a horrible path. Toni feels that maybe if her friends can be happy she can finally be happy as well. Using work to fill the void of a man has given her abundant success, but there is always that what if moment. Could her go to booty call be the person she can find love in or will her selfish independent attitude forever keep her single? Unlike any of her friends Kym is like a ray of sunshine, always positive always smiling and always happy. Is it a cover up for her insides being dead? Coming from nothing to something overnight with the help of a NFL star she met one night Kym is on cloud 9. Kym tried to convince her friends that she is actually in love and it's not about the money, gifts and sex that she is getting but she loves the man that has changed her life. They say when you have to keep telling how happy you are it's a cover up to what's really going on. Kym learns that the fortune and love has a bigger price tag that could cause her her soul. Is this love or is this life, are the questions that Kym has to find answers to before life happens and she can't control it. Out of all of the friends Shelly is a married successful woman. Shelly works and provides for her home and marrying the love of her life you would think she knows what love really is. Well when you are too successful and money is what you factor love to be can cause you to look at life through the wrong set of eyes. Love for money can cause you to cheat steal and worse betray the ones you love most. Will Shelly wake up and realize the true definition of love before she loses everything or will fast money and fast men cause destruction! Sometimes the battle between good and evil lives inside self and it's hard to fight one's self. Will Shelly's friends save her marriage or will the attempts to save her go unwanted? In life you love and live, but with true friendships you grow and conquer. Will these ladies be able to learn from each other's mistakes and conquer life or will money sex and drugs send them off a cliff of disaster? Life is easy when you have love but what is love? Before you can find love You have to love yourself and you have to know what true love is before you go searching for it, because the wrong love can cause you your life!



juni 2015
Aantal pagina's
394 pagina's



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