What is Secular Humanism?

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What is Secular Humanism?
Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: Paul Kurtz

Uitgever: Prometheus Books

  • Engels
  • 42 pagina's
  • Prometheus Books
  • illustrated edition
  • april 2006
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Are there any ethical values and principles that nonreligious individuals can live by? In a time when many have forsaken otherworldly religions, what does human life mean? What is its significance? Secular humanism attempts to answer these questions in a way that resonates with human aspirations and the findings of science.

In this succinct, engaging overview of the secular humanist perspective, philosopher Paul Kurtz describes the many ways in which secular humanism’s scientific, philosophical, and ethical outlook has exerted a profound influence on civilization from the ancient world to the present. Today many schools of thought broadly identify with humanist ideas and values. But Kurtz suggests that secular humanism is especially suitable for the needs of our increasingly secular world because it rejects supernatural accounts of reality and seeks to optimize the fullness of human life in a naturalistic universe. In tune with the most progressive trends of the contemporary world, secular humanism finds meaning in life here and now and expresses confidence in the power of human beings to solve their problems and conquer uncharted frontiers.

Kurtz concludes by emphasizing that secular humanism is a bold new paradigm, which weaves together many historical threads, while adding much more that is relevant to our rapidly emerging planetary civilization.

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Auteur Paul Kurtz
Taal Engels
Oorspronkelijke titel What Is Secular Humanism?
Afmetingen 0x0x0 mm
Gewicht 104,00 gram
ISBN10 1591024994
ISBN13 9781591024996

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Categorieën School en studie > Filosofie > Stromingen
Type boek Boek
Bindwijze Paperback
Verschijningsjaar 2006

Review What is Secular Humanism?

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