What's More Fun Than a Funeral? A Sequel to Was the Funeral Fun?

Taal: Engels
What's More Fun Than a Funeral?
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781434396310
  • juli 2008
  • 188 pagina's
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What's More Fun than a Funeral is the long-awaited sequel to Was the Funeral Fun? Since her grandfather's death, Lu Gibbs has become the go-to person when someone dies in Hilltop, Arkansas. As heir to the funeral home business her great grandfather built, Lu sees people act out of grief, sadness, anger, relief, and even greed. She sees them at their worst and at their best. She thinks she has seen it all until she is chosen as the go-between for what promises to be the biggest wedding Hilltop has seen in 50 years. And if Aunt Lettie and her wedding plans don't push Lu over the edge, getting some new information about her long lost mother just might. Since she was eight years old, Lu has lived with the fact that her mother left Lu and her dad for another man. In all those years, all she has heard about the episode is rumors. With her grandfather's death, she feels abandoned again, this time by the one who has been the most significant person in her life since her mother left. Or he was, until she renewed her acquaintance with a childhood friend who is now a good-looking pharmacist with a kind heart and the patience of Job. Lu knows she loves Jim Pat, and she is pretty sure he loves her; but she is not sure she can run the risk of loving someone and being abandoned again. Karen Raymond, Lu's best friend and Hilltop's only female clergy-person, is also involved in her share of funerals. Karen is privy to more secrets than she cares to be, and some of those secrets have her asking questions about her own life-including the stability of the marriage she has thought was just about perfect. In a place like Hilltop, Lady Undertaker and Chick Preacher are floating in uncharted waters. They are committed to helping other people deal with loss and change, and they do that well. But can they cope with the big changes they face in their own lives?



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188 pagina's



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A Sequel to Was the Funeral Fun?
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