When a Woman Loves God You Can Take Anything Else, But You Can't Take a Woman's Love for God!

Auteur: Deashia D Swan
Taal: Engels
When a Woman Loves God
Auteur: Deashia D Swan
Uitgever: Createspace
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781468194494
  • maart 2012
  • 110 pagina's
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In today’s world, it is tough living a good life resisting the negative influences and pressures of society. Being a woman is most challenging in that we often feel like we are caught in the middle and being pulled in a dozen directions. Feeling overwhelmed is common in the twenty-first century when women are expected to manage marriage, children, extended family, career, finances, and stressful relationships. Surely, times are difficult now, but in many respects, they are not much different from other times throughout history. Deashia D. Swan recognizes these challenges and lets us know that God is here to lead us through the circumstances of our lives, whether you find yourself on easy street or the horrific highway. She authored When a Woman Loves God to encourage and teach women on their daily walk with God. The stories of biblical women, including Anna, Esther, Deborah, and Mary to name a few, are akin to the trials that women face today and have faced for thousands of years. Their time-tested accounts of how they endured and overcame their troubles will inspire you to seek the lessons and God’s will in your own daily challenges. By continually giving a yes to God’s will and putting personal choices second, the treasures that God has in store for us will come to light. Swan claims that we do not know the plan, but He does; so by following His will with love and faith in all of our circumstances, we allow God to work in our lives. Humans have shortcomings and by nature are not complete in and of themselves. We frequently fall short, but He is always here for us. God presents himself in our lives to make us whole; all He asks is that we accept and follow His will. Swan encourages us to put Him at the center of our lives by relating to the life choices of biblical women. Women of all ages will be moved to read and even re-read this life changing, inspirational guide to becoming a better person and a better woman in the love of God. Concerns such as leadership, lack of self-esteem, boldness, and submission are all addressed using real life circumstances, thereby making When a Woman Loves God a relatable and relevant support in your walk with God. Feel encouraged, confident, and loved as this masterful explanation of God’s love transforms you into the woman you were meant to be.



Aantal pagina's
110 pagina's


Deashia D Swan



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You Can Take Anything Else, But You Can't Take a Woman's Love for God!
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