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  • 9781733208727
  • augustus 2019
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''Yes, MONEY. Just what is it? Why is it important? What should it mean to our children? What do we do with it? What should we not do with it?''

This Book is a message we Parents want to give our children about dealing with Change (Part 1). Then (Part 2) we apply that lite lesson to how we want our very young children to think about Money.

Parents don't talk about money to our children for two reasons: (1) we are terrified we are not good role models when it comes to money and; (2) we don't know a lot about money and therefore don't have the confidence we can teach our kids about it.

This Book is the help needed to get the conversation started.

I've been a debt-relief attorney since 1989. By the time clients come into my office, it is a hard climb to alter many of our bad money habits. It's a little late in the game. We should start much earlier - because if we don't, someone or something will do the teaching for us.

Haven't we been bewildered by a young boy's response to money being a hand gesture while saying, ''Make it Pain on that (you know)''. Consider this - the problem might be we didn't introduce our ideas about money to our children early enough. A University of Cambridge Study* reveals that adult money habits are set by the age of seven. Seven Years Old!

''Attorney Jones has represented more than 4000 individual clients in financial management cases over the years and is uniquely positioned to tell us, not Just theory but the reality of what needs to be impressed upon our children and our community.'' - Lysander Woods, Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia.

''I agree with the message in this Book - economic freedom is the beginning of True Freedom'' - Nathaniel Turner, Los Angeles, California

''It is clear when you control change and your money, you control your destiny. The Joneses show how to teach that lesson to our children early'' - E. Duane Jones, Attorney/Minister, Atlanta, Georgia



augustus 2019
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


Milton D. Jones Amber P. Jones
Amber P. Jones
Dog Ear Publishing

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