Whispers in the Dark - The Phantom?s Lullaby The Phantom's Lullaby

Taal: Engels
Whispers in the Dark - The Phantom?s Lullaby
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781497514652
  • april 2014
  • 240 pagina's
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A stirring romance novel revealing a woman's life, conquering the wounds of abuse, losing her outstanding Opera voice and rising above life's struggles. The story of Chardonnay's life will bring you on a journey of survival and redemption. True love's thread is woven throughout the novel and the reality of her story will touch your heart and soul, moving you from warmth, through her pain and sorrow, and then to joy. If you believe in a real-life happily ever after and the bond that links soul mates, Ghosts, and The Angel Of music, Erik, the Phantom Of The Opera ; then you will feel the emotion in the story of " Whispers in the Dark- The Phantom's Lullaby" . Chardonnay 's life had been poisoned with deep sorrow from memories of childhood . A childhood that was surrounded in secrets, music , being raised by her father after her mother dies and her love for the Phantom of The Opera. This is her story of that life and her strength to overcome her pain and survive. Three men shared a part of that struggle. One rescued her, Erik The real life Phantom, comes to Chardonnay's side in a time she needed him the most. What secrets does Erik know about her pain, her heart and her silence? One almost destroyed her Amadee. A man who is self-centered ,hateful and full of rage. A man that Erik hates. And the third, Pierre loved her through all the pain and sorrow .Pierre a man who hides in the shadows much like Erik did a 100 years before him. The words Pierre engraves on Chardonnay's heart reflect more than just the musical bond they shared, but how that bond lifted her desire for life from lukewarm to one on fire. This is the story of true love's fire, which ultimately transformed Chardonnay's sorrow into joy. That love joined Chardonnay and Pierre as soul mates for eternity. Just like Chardonnay's beloved Phantom and Christine. Their bond forever blessed by the angel of music , Chardonnay's kin. Erik.



Aantal pagina's
240 pagina's



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The Phantom's Lullaby
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