White Elephants In The Caribbean

Taal: Engels
White Elephants In The Caribbean
Uitgever: Read Books
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781406775952
  • maart 2007
  • 328 pagina's
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WHITE ELEPHANTS IN THE CARIBBEAN BY THE SAME AUTHOR THE PLOT OF THE SHORT STORY ART IN SHORT STORY NARRATION THE PHOTODRAMA THE FEATURE PHOTOPLAY THE UNIVERSAL PLOT CATALOG OTHER PEOPLE S LIVES, A Novel MEET THE GERMANS MEET THE SPANIARDS MEET THE JAPANESE GERMANY TODAY, AND TOMORROW TO My Constant Traveling Companion MY WIFE Who Rode All the White Elephants with Me CONTENTS CHAPTER jp AOK FOREWORD ....... xi I. THE WEST INDIES ...... 3 II. SPANISH EMPIRE IN THE INDIES ... 16 III. BLACK IVORY AND WHITE GOLD ... 27 IV. THE CRADLE OF THE AMERICAS SANTO DO MINGO ....... 36 V. THE BLACK REPUBLIC HAITI ... 64 VI. LOCK AND KEY TO THE AMERICAS PANAMA 88 VII. THE SPANISH MAIN CARTAGENA, PUERTO COLOMBIA, BARRANQUILLA .... 99 VIII. THE KINGDOM OF RUMBULLION JAMAICA 117 IX. SUGAR BOWL OF THE WORLD CUBA . . 129 X. THE ISLAND OF PONCE DE LEON PUERTO Rico 142 XI. OUR BARREN VIRGINS THE VIRGIN ISLANDS 174 XII. FRENCH AND DUTCH ISLANDS GUADELOUPE, MARTINIQUE ST. MARTIN, SABA CURACAO 200 XIII. THE LEEWARD ISLANDS ST. KITTS, MONT SERRAT, ANTIGUA AND DOMINICA . . 220 XIV. WINDWARD ISLANDS ST. LUCIA, ST. VINCENT, GRENADA, BARBADOS, TRINIDAD . . . 239 XV. THE BAHAMAS NASSAU, NEW PROVIDENCE 263 L ENVOI . ...... 272 v ILLUSTRATIONS Morant Bay, Jamaica, one of the beauty spots of that tropical island FRONTISPIECE Sugar is cultivated almost everywhere in the West Indies 16 Havana is the one truly modern metropolis of the A merican tropics 7 The famous Maine monument on the Malegon Boule vard in Havana 32 A stilted house to keep off ants, snakes and rats 33 Every day is wash-day on the islands 33 One small Carib reservation holds all that remains of that mighty race 33 Haiti is now only six hours from Miami byair 80 The swarming market square in Port-au-Prince 81 Sans Souci, once regal palace of his black majesty Henri Christophe 144 La Ferriere is one of the seven wonders of the new world 144 The Cathedral at Port-au-Prince does not look very imposing surrounded by the slum-like houses of the town 145 The patient donkeys of Haiti also tote their owners jauntily about all day long 145 Second only to Havana in wealth and importance, Kingston, Jamaica, bustles throughout the year 160 ix ILLUSTRATIONS Mt. Pelee, the Vesuvius of the Caribbean, still rum bles its warnings 1 6 1 Casa Blanca, the original house of Ponce de Leon s son 161 Water boys still supply the arid coastal towns of South America 208 Cutting and sorting sponges is a major industry of Nassau 208 A sugar cane harvest in full swing 208 Primitive machinery is a common sight in the Carib bean 208 Prusen Gade, St. Thomas, comes to life at dusk like Harlem on a Saturday night 209 Cartagena retains all the glamour of the ancient Spanish Main 209 Roseau, Dominica, offers plenty of local color 256 The lagoon-like harbor of St. Lucia permits ocean liners to sail right up to the quay 257 A small, modern sugar plantation in Grenada 257 - 4f x FOREWORD THE sheer romance of the West Indies Inherent inbred, ingrained imported, in associations, in story and in history. Romance in all its shimmering shades of meaning of imagination, of dreams, of the incredible of adventure forever past and ever present. Of faraway things brought near, of tangible things disembodied in mysticism. Of eerie tales come true before one s eyes, of dread doings all through the night in the neighboring jungle. Of a million hapless aborigines and their annihilationalmost within the lifetime of a single man of the unparalleled barbarism of sixteenth-century civilization and a golden age of cul ture of a million simple Africans shanghaied in stinking hulks and transplanted in chains to a New World. Of the greatest maritime nations of their day locked in death grips and Armageddon, rising to and falling from world power in the waters of the Caribbees. Of pirates and buccaneers, their castles, haunts and hideaways and their trails of buried gold in caverns by the sea...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
328 pagina's
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Henry Albert Phillips
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