Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others: How to Increase Your Marriage Potential by up to 60% EBOOK Tooltip How to Increase Your Marriage Potential by Up to 60%

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Auteur: John T. Molloy
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  • 9780007374182
  • Druk: ePub edition
  • juni 2014
  • 240 pagina's
  • Adobe ePub
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A compulsive, informative and eye-opening read for women who want to know which men are most likely to commit to a relationship, what attributes in a partner they're looking for or whether their current partner will ever propose. Based on 11 years of extensive market research

An utterly compelling read, this book contains illuminating facts and tips from the author's market research team of 300 experienced researchers who interviewed focus groups and engaged couples over a period of 11 years. Over 2,500 women and their fiances, along with over 1000 single people, were interviewed. When their answers to questions were analysed, patterns arose that led to the successful strategies offered in this book.


• How to increase your chances of marrying by up to 60%

• Ten warning signals that a man is never going to marry

• How to trigger a proposal

• The advantages and dangers of dating divorced or widowed men

• How to deal with a partner's children

Findings included:

• After 18 months of a relationship, the chances that a man will propose drop by 50%

• Women who are slender have an easier time meeting men and better odds of getting married

• To be on the safe side, a woman should seriously start looking for a husband in her late 20s.

• The majority of male graduates between 28 and 33 are in their high commitment years and likely to propose

• After 38, the chances men will ever marry drop dramatically. At 42 or 43 many men become confirmed batchelors

• Single men in their late thirties or forties with divorced parents may believe in living together, because in their minds, once people marry, the romance ends

• Men rate sexual or social virtue when choosing a bride: someone they could take home to Mother or introduce to their boss

• For many, their future spouse is a status symbol; meeting their ideas of refinement, elegance and decency

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ePub edition
juni 2014
Aantal pagina's
240 pagina's
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


John T. Molloy

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