Will You Sparkle in the Light EBOOK Tooltip An End-Of-The-Age Crash Course in the Supernatural and Spiritual Things of God

Auteur: Linda L. Evans
Uitgever: Westbow Press
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781449745974
  • juni 2011
  • Adobe ePub
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Excerpt: Upon waking that morning, still in a state of slumber the angel of the harvest appeared by my bed and placed in my hand a head of Golden Bearded Wheat, and said,........ Book content Description Will You Sparkle in the Light takes you on a journey into the spirit realm in the supernatural and spiritual things of God. Covering many topics of abuse, depression, fornication, demons, satanic and religious, cults, Angels, Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit, you will be on the edge of your seat with anticipation. There are many reasons why people who once knew God, who want to know Him, and some who don't know He exist, are searching for what can only be found in His truth. People are searching now more than ever for something, or someone to believe in, or to find the truth and answers to why they are here, where they came from and where they are going. We used to call it trying to find ourselves. Most have never met the one true God Jehovah. They, like this author, were raised, having never been taught about the awesome benefits found in serving the one True God. Will You Sparkle in the Light is for Men, and Women 17 years and up. Where there wasn't a question of who God is, who Jesus is, and who the Holy Spirit is, now all genders and ages are asking this question. There are seducing spirits leading people astray from the One True God, the real Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This book will shed light on these seducing spirits, and will reveal the lies and deception Satan uses to lead people away from God, including the Christian. Before 1948 when Israel became a Nation, and 1967 when Jerusalem once again came under Israeli control, the Bible wasn't a book that could be easily understood. Since the time of Daniel the prophecies of the Bible were sealed by God's instruction. It wasn't until these two prophetic events took place that the scriptures began to open in revelation knowledge. Until the late 1960's the Bible was a book of do's and don'ts, that many found scary, fearful, and difficult to understand. Today, with all the technology at our disposal, we can find answers to all in the Bible, and will be able to see The great Wisdom and integrity in and of the Word of God. If people were to read the Bible now and diligently seek the truth, and seek God with their whole heart they will find Him. It is no longer in the dark, so to speak, but has shed light on the darkness that covers the earth. The truth is what most people are seeking, and now can know where to find it. The author's desire is to help those who have left the fold, and give them reason to return. To Help them learn where they became deceived, and introduce them to the character, and attributes of God they haven't before known. The book is filled with supernatural experiences, and teaches how to distinguish between the voice of Satan and the voice of God, how one can walk in power, truth, Love, and authority having dominion over the earth. Most of all it teaches that heaven, and hell do exist. There is in depth descriptions of both places based on the author's experience of going to heaven, encounters with Jesus, encounters with angels, and how to recognize the demonic spirits influencing the world today. Another desire of the author is to help others learn the importance of knowing about the spiritual realm for we fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities of the air, rulers of darkness of this world, and wickedness in high places Eph. 6. Without this knowledge one can't make an informed decision whom they are going to serve today and where they will spend eternity. The Love of God is demonstrated, and expressed in great depth in how much He loves His creation. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and works with people the same today as in the ancient of days. There are millions in the world today having supernatural experiences, and must learn how to discern from whom these experiences come. They, also need to understand these experiences and that they are not alone in their experiences. Many fear telling others about their experiences because of what others will think of them. The author has written why one should not be afraid to share for we have not been brought into bondage to fear again, but have been given power, Love and a sound mind. Hope is given in this book to help Christians, and nonbelievers to learn from whom and where their experiences come. Will You Sparkle in the Light will give answers backed by Scripture. If you are one who wants to know truth, who you are, and where you are headed in this life, and the after life, Will You Sparkle in the Light is for you. Author background includes Master of Ministry in Christian Counseling, Bachelor of Theology in Christian Counseling, Evangelism, Key Note Speaker, and walks in the anointing of the prophetic, word of knowledge, healing, teaching, visions and dream interpretation, and has been saved for nearly 60 years, plus in Ministry for over 40 years. God Bless those who read this book and the word of God. Enjoy the Journey.. It's a great one filled with excitement and adventure. Go to author page on Facebook and post comments, questions, and click ''LIKE''. Order book in soft cover or on Kindle.

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Adobe ePub


Linda L. Evans
Westbow Press

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