Window of Within: Nature EBOOK

Auteur: Nicole Anderson
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781311185136
  • september 2014
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Nature speaks to the soul; it shows you a different way of thinking of how life works. Nature is a healer. Nature is a delight to the soul. The magnificent sunsets are each offering a vivid eloquent response to the natural world. In the midst of nature, one becomes part of the sun’s warmth and sway to the breezes and the wind according to its thrust. The sun’s warmth that soothes the skin; the harmonious relationship between us and nature; the body, mind, spirit and soul are rejuvenated by each minute spent in nature. The refreshed self is once again able to endure the blows of life once again.

Nature speaks to your soul and spirit by being mesmerized by the sunsets and the freshness of the sunrises indicating a brand new day. A floral scent that speaks to your senses from the scent of the fragrance from a rose, honeysuckle, and hyacinths that covers the atmosphere with perfumed fragrance. The intricate layering of a floral canvas and the intricacies of all of nature, speaks to you. A breeze and wind that you feel, but cannot see… but you know the wind is there. You know, that is nature speaking. But is your life so hectic and chaotic that you rarely take the time to notice; if at all that nature is speaking to you?

This book, “Window of Within: Nature” unveils with each page the poetic words to live by, and how our surroundings speak an intuitiveness through our souls. Nature reflects a willingness for those who are receptive to its beauty in finding and retaining a sense of inner calmness and peace often taken for granted, a balance for that which we are truly and inherently here for. Find yourself enlightened by the reflections of nature that speak softly to you of the wonders we are surrounded by and often fail to notice. Take the time to “smell the roses” and listen to nature speaking. These pages of the book will remind you of where you really live and how powerful our connection is to the earth.

“Window of Within: Nature” enables you to climb mountains of the soul and to conquer them; to go deeper within ourselves, to feel a oneness with nature. When you read the pages of this book, you will lift your eyes from the page, aroused by the beauty of nature to gaze at the horizon with thoughts of how much more poetic and truthful the words of “Window of Within: Nature” speaks.

“Window of Within: Nature” is a profound and colorful expression of nature while taking the reader on a journey of soulful self-examination with uplifting and inspirational words to live by focused on the beautiful and spiritual nature of existence and restoring a reader’s core of nature in your life's meaning. This book not only captures the aesthetic beauty of a scene and the essence of a person’s spiritual being, but brings forth words of expressing mind stirring thoughts and feelings intertwined with colorful images that awaken the mind, body and spirit. These words are sublimely of deep thought. This book offers a truly unique way of changing how we see our existence, while simultaneously comforting and enlightening to the mind, stirs the soul and spirit that will change your life.
This book is a perfect "anytime" gift, to yourself as well as to others that are journeying the spirit. “Window of Within: Nature” is the perfect gift for yourself, a loved one, or anyone who wants as a keepsake of this mindful book. Give this book to others as a gift as well as a beautiful book cover of art that would make an elegant gift or as coffee table décor. “Window of Within: Nature” is a book meant to be read cover to cover. Let it rest beside your favorite reading chair or at your bedside, and read a few entries now and then at random.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and begin the mindfulness journey of finding your true life and self by finding your “Window of Within: Nature.” You will see your life through new eyes because each page of “Window of Within: Nature” has something quite special to share with you...

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september 2014
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Nicole Anderson
Smashwords Edition

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