Wired for Innovation

How Information Technology is Reshaping the Economy
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Wired for Innovation
Bindwijze: Hardcover


Auteur: Erik Brynjolfsson  & Adam Saunders

Co-auteur: Adam Saunders

Uitgever: Mit Press Ltd

  • Engels
  • 176 pagina's
  • Mit Press Ltd
  • oktober 2009
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A wave of business innovation is driving the productivity resurgence in the U.S. economy. In Wired for Innovation, Erik Brynjolfsson and Adam Saunders describe how information technology directly or indirectly created this productivity explosion, reversing decades of slow growth. They argue that the companies with the highest level of returns to their technology investment are doing more than just buying technology; they are inventing new forms of organizational capital to become digital organizations. These innovations include a cluster of organizational and business-process changes, including broader sharing of information, decentralized decision-making, linking pay and promotions to performance, pruning of non-core products and processes, and greater investments in training and education. Innovation continues through booms and busts. This book provides an essential guide for policy makers and economists who need to understand how information technology is transforming the economy and how it will create value in the coming decade.

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Auteur Erik Brynjolfsson, Adam Saunders
Co-auteur Adam Saunders
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 12x203x136 mm
Gewicht 317,00 gram
Geschikt voor 22 jaar en ouder
Druk 1
ISBN10 0262013665
ISBN13 9780262013666
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Product lengte 210 mm

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