Wolf Submission 4: 6 EBOOK

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  • 9780463795606
  • december 2019
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Sometimes, you have to be dominated in order to submit. The young women in these three short stories are stripped and taken, hard and without protection.

Here, you will find:

Little Miss Temptress

There is a beautiful young woman in the library who does not look like she belongs there. She would fit better on a painting, perhaps, somewhere safe where nobody else can touch her. Her name, he learns later, is Modesty, and she is a disarmingly beautiful creature, pink lips wet and pouting as she tries to reach for a book that is too high on the shelf. Her sleeve slides from her small wrist and he sees marks on her skin, bruises the shape of fingers that are much larger than her own. He startles and inhales sharply, picking up the scent of another werewolf on her skin, a sign that she belongs to another one of his kind.

A better man would walk away.

But he wants her too much to be better.

Bite a Little Harder

The first time Nicholas meets his human mate, she has a gag in her mouth and ropes around her wrists and ankles. Her doe-eyed look of fear and anticipation is enough to stir his wolf's interest. He knows he has earned to right to mate her by besting lesser wolf challengers, but to be here now, inches away from touching her... it is intoxicating. He wants her, wants to kiss a trail of bruises up her neck and mark her as his own.

The first time Abigail meets her werewolf mate, she only has eyes for the man behind him. Elias is her guardian and her protector... and she has been in love with him before she knew what love is.

Somehow, they're going to have to make this work.

Tie Me Down

Natalie is a ballet dancer with a special human scholarship in a university with the world to gain and everything to lose.

Daniel is a drop-dead gorgeous werewolf twice her age and her professor in the university.

She knows she shouldn't fall for him… she does it anyways. He is everything she's ever wanted in a lover and he makes sure that she is everything he wants in his mate. She is only a weak human girl with nothing to her name and he is rich, powerful, and a werewolf to boot. It is not just she is human, she is completely inexperienced and altogether too innocent for him.

Luckily for her, the alpha werewolf is only too eager to teach her everything he knows.



december 2019
Ebook formaat


Arya Hucovv

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