Woodrow Wilson And His Work
Auteur: William E. Dodd
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  • 9781406776812
  • maart 2007
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Woodrow Wilson and His By William J. JDodd Wt, i tw, Proftttor of American llwtory in Unirwrtity of Chic New and Jtawtodt Bdition York Smith PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON tfm m TO M. J. IX AS A TRIBUTE OF GEATITUDE AND APPKECIAT1ON CONTENTS CHAPTER FAGjB I. YOUTH AND EAELY EKYIBONMEMT ... 3 II. THE NEW ROAD TO LEADERSHIP .... 24 III. NEW WINE IN OLD BOTTLES 42 IV. THE GREAT STAGE 60 V, PROM PRINCETON TO THE PRESIDENCY . . 80 VI. THE PROBLEM 106 VII. THE GREAT REFORMS 184 VIII. WARS AND RUMOURS OF WARS .... 146 IX. THE ELECTION OF 1916 170 X. THE UNITED STATES ENTERS THE WAR . . 195 XL WE ARE PROVINCIALS No LONGER . . XII. ROOSEVELT OR WILSON 250 XIII. THE GREAT ADVENTURE 277 XIV. THE DAY OF RECKONING 298 XV. THE TREATY AND THE LEAGUE . ... . 828 XVI. AN APPEAL TO THE COUNTRY 354 XVIL POLITICAL SABOTAGE 378 XVIIL THE BREAKING OF WOODROW WILSON . . 410 INDEX VU INTRODUCTORY To the First Edition THE career of President Wilson and his services to his country and to mankind in general are so well defined and fairly rounded out that historians may not long postpone their estimates of both the man and his work. The fears of some that early appraisals may not accord with the final verdict of history are not well grounded. The final verdict has not yet been pronounced upon Julius Caesar, and each generation of American scholars forms anew its opinion of outstanding figures like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Jefferson, whom hah 5 of articulate America jeered at during his last year in the presidency, was a political saint to Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln, whom nearly all the leaders of both great political parties of July and August, 1864, urged to retire in humiliation from his secondcandidacy for the presidency, was and is a political saint to Woodrow Wilson. Violent attack and virulent abuse are not the criteria of his tory. They but call attention sharply to the one attacked or abused, and create the presumption that something real ia being done or attempted. No public man in all the country was more distrusted by the eminent the day that John Wilkes Booth did his deadly deed than Abraham Lincoln. If Lincoln had lived to try his philosophy of kindness in the reconstruction of the broken South, his fame might well have been very different from what it is. Accident had a great deal to do with what history says about Lincoln. Accident has already pro foundly influenced the thinking of men about the present x INTRODUCTORY leader of the United States. He has himself said that ac cident was responsible for his second election to the presi dency, although he quickly added that this did not mean that the body of the plain people were alienated from him. There is nothing more adventitious than the judgments of history. Did not Washingtons fame take a bizarre turn through the fictions of Parson Weems Chief Justice Marshall had been in his grave nearly a hundred years before a worthy biography was even attempted. There is not to-day a good Life of Henry Clay. History is fickle if not a fiction, and one of the reasons for its shrewish character is the failure of scholars to take their problems and greater subjects in hand before too many of the pertinent materials are lost. A contempo rary account of a great man or a great epoch, if made in the spirit of truth and justice, may set somewhat the form of future history as indeed a false contemporary account may thwart or makedifficult the later verdict. With a view to a just estimate of President Wilson, the following chapters have been written. They are written while he lives and while his bitterest opponents occupy the centre of the public stage. If the account errs, it may be corrected, and thus be a means to a better understanding of the man and his services, a means even of an earlier historical portrait. As to the main facts, there can not be widely dif fering judgments. They are still fresh in the minds of mil lions of people...



maart 2007
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468 pagina's
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William E. Dodd
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