Working with Americans EBOOK Tooltip How to build profitable business relationships

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  • december 2013
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Anybody who has ever done business with Americans can testify that there are more differences than similarities between Americans and most business cultures in the rest of the world. There are differences in cultures, values, etiquette and even ÔcommonÕ business language Ð which is quite often, well, uncommon.

When it comes to building relationships and doing business deals with Americans, understanding and appreciating these behaviors, culture and business manners is vital to success. Everybody wants to work with people they relate to, who they believe they can trust -- and ultimately who Ôspeak my languageÕ.

Working with Americans not only illuminates why Americans think and operate as they do, but also shows what you can do to play to your US colleaguesÕ preferences and business practices.

This is the guide to understanding Americans in business, their culture and thinking which will make you a more informed and confident manager and envoy. With confidence enhanced, you can be more relaxed, have fun, and focus on building lasting, profitable relationships.


If you are working for or with USA Inc., the authors' detailed analysis of American corporate culture is an invaluable roadmap. David Nelson, Producer, Sky News Business For many people, Globalisation means Americanization, but successful economic development also needs cultural understanding and trust. This book will give you a real insight into how to build successful relationships with the wonderful folk from God's Own Country . Sir Paul Judge, Chairman, British-North American Committee The best thing in management is cross fertilization. The best in cross fertilization is cultural integration. The best in cultural integration is to combine American management good sense and simplicity with European flair. This book not only helps you avoid misunderstandings, but more importantly makes you understand how this unique combination can work. Philippe Bourguignon, Chief Executive, Club Med (former Chief Executive, Disneyland Paris) the book I wish I had written the book I hope you will read! Ed Reilly, President, American Management Association I am extremely impressed by the quality and the new enlightenments of Allyson and Lanie's book. PY Gerbeau, Chief Executive of Xscape and former Chief Executive of the Millenium Dome Two Americans give us the inside story of how to work with the apparently mystifying yanks and takes the time to cover the vast world between middle America and the coasts. For an American, it's a fascinating insight into what you always thought was just a personal peculiarity and now realize is a cultural characteristic. For a non-American the book will clear up such mystifying behaviors as volume of speech, approach to deadlines, etiquette at a business lunch and proper business dress code. Brand Channel provides vital information... It not only illuminates why Americans think and operate as they do, it also provide clear guidelines on how to be effective in playing to these preferences and business practices so as to build more effective and profitable relationships - Business Book Review, January 2006

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Stewart-Allen:Working with Americ_p

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How to build profitable business relationships
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