You are an Artist Your are an Artist

Taal: Engels
You are an Artist
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781535221672
  • juli 2016
  • 118 pagina's
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The aim of this book is to engage the readers in the process of realizing their innate creativity. The title of the book is to help the reader -You- understand a simple fact: You are an artist. I ask one question to students and people I meet on the street: “Are you an artist? “The answer that most reply is no. Why? “They explain, Iam not a singer” or I am not a painter.” These responses about being an artist are limited. This is why I feel the need to write this book; “you are an artist”. After you finish reading this book my desire is that will not only judge art but think about pratising art. Realize that you create when you choose what you wear or exercise and even what you eat; creativity is art. This book’s aim is to engage everyone to know himself as an artist, which is demonstrated by the even he can practise of art interpreting art and daily decisions based on taste and asthetics.The end to this to appreciate the art because “you are an artist.” This book is to prove that everybody is an artist because every one practices art every day. Also, anyone can judge art and criticize. It is better to create art but even better to write, and talk about it. It is not hard to prove you are an artist. Talking, thinking and even writing. All this will be easier when you finish reading this book. The reason is that we practice art every day throughout our lives and we don’t even realize it. Art is an idea in our mind, feeling in our heart and colors on our body. Think about one who is not educated and living in small village that creates traditional art, he is an artist. This artist could be in Asia, The Middleast, Africa, Yurob, or America. We just need to open our mind to what we see on the street, in our house, or in the market. Thinking like an artist, turns the mall to a museum. Playing is a physical art, and kids starting drawing before writing the alphabet. Art resides in simply being. Being what? Yourself. The way you walk to the way you talk is a form of physical art. The way dressing is a fashion. Every person has a beautiful harmony of traits and characteristics. Since each being possesses its own traits, each a unique piece of Art.Art is all around us. It’s limitless and has different forms. It can be a reflection of your personality, with a visual or intellectual representation of what you are from the inside. It can be expressed through painting, sketching, dancing, and singing, playing sports, a musical instrument expression, talking, movement or production. All in all it is part of the six types of art.



juli 2016
Aantal pagina's
118 pagina's



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