Your Performance Journey Performance Training & the Evolution of Exercise Science

Your Performance Journey
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  • juli 2018
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Seeking to reinvent my personal training practice I asked a question that provided the motivation for this book:How can natural movement and functional strength rejuvenate the body, motivate consistently, and keep people feeling vibrant late into life?So, I developed The Perpetual Personal Training System and Your Performance Journey at Plaza Fitness Performance. Your Performance Journey™ is a smart and strategic personal training fitness system. The strategy, tactics, and actions created by the architecture of the system guarantee tremendous results for any who follow it.THE STRATEGYThe strategy of The Perpetual Personal Training System provides accountability and a repeatable cycle of growth. It takes you through the seven phases of personal development: realization; baseline assessment; foundation; bodywork; optimal strength & conditioning; re-assessment; and achievement.THE TACTICSYour Performance Journey is personalized through 7 Strength Bands, each designed to build the foundation of the human body. Your Performance Journey takes you from where you are to where you want to go through 21 milestones. Each milestone has seven checkpoints (The Cycle Of The Perpetual Personal Training System) that deliver you a quick win. This creates amazing momentum towards your self-defined performance goals.THE ACTIONSUsing 5 proven systems, Your Performance Journey™ safely and effectively helps you participate, personalize, progress, perform, and practice to look great, feel great, and perform your best. These 5 proven systems include functional movement screening, spine health research, reflexive performance resets, neural resets, and functional strength and high-intensity interval training using tools that conform to natural movements, such as kettlebells.Moving the body the way the body was designed and connecting the mind and body has transformed lives so effectively…it’s breathtaking.As we combined these systems, clients began to have incredible results. Members had drastically improved balance and better movement. They fitted into their clothes differently.They got more confidence and had a zest for life. Their body weight began to fall faster than ever before. We began noticing staggering body composition changes and percent body fat reduction. They became more stable and their movements became stronger. Back pain and discomfort were virtually eliminated. We began getting comments that people felt decades younger with more energy than they’ve had for years.In fact, members actually liked working out and their new lifestyles embraced health and fitness.Could you benefit from seeing any of these changes?Start Your Performance Journey at''My approach to fitness has been influenced by resources from experts in our field, colleagues, thousands of clients, and my lifelong experience with exercise. I am pleased to be in a position where my cumulative expertise and passion can provide architecture and navigation for others.'' -Korey McCoy M.S.''Plaza Fitness Performance is leading the way for program and facility design, their system is POWERFUL...the best I have come across.'' -Tim Anderson, Original Strength



juli 2018
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168 pagina's



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