Your Time in Your Hands Proven Principles on How to Control Your Time and Make Your Life Productive

Auteur: Gregory Erhabor
Taal: Engels
Your Time in Your Hands
  • Engels
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  • 9789788139652
  • augustus 2010
  • 228 pagina's
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The stuff we call life is time rolled in seconds, minutes, months and years. The quality of our life is determined largely by how we manage our time. Our time is a great gift given to us by God and on it lies our joy or miseries. Over the years, there have emerged two groups of people in time management. One group is so obsessed with every second and minute, keeps the time record of everything done and tries to meticulously manage every second. This group eventually become slaves to time. Life becomes stereotypical, mechanical, and the zest and joy of living is lost. The second group is the laissez-fare group, who believe the wind blows where it wills. They live life without any plan and are propelled by every external circumstance. This attitude leads to unproductivity and a disorganized life style. Between these two extremes, I think there is a balance in which you can effectively manage your time and enjoy every moment of your life. This book Your Time in Your Hands synthesizes the wisdom of time management experts without making you a slave to time management tools and strategies. It focuses on principles rather than on practices. In a sense, it is an interactive book that teaches you to adapt proven principles to your own circumstances. In preparing to write this book, I read all books available on time management, that I could lay my hands on, and I tried to synthesize principles that are common and universal. The principles in this book have helped me to effectively manage my life as a physician, a preacher, a pastor, a parent, a partner and a university professor. The emphasis of this book is not only to manage time but to use time effectively to achieve your plans and purposes. Greatness doesn't just happen; it comes from the result of effective planning, diligent work and most especially brilliance in managing time. For the spiritually minded, this book will teach you to manage your time and be led by the spirit. The chapter on how Jesus managed His time will be particularly helpful. I am indebted to numerous authors and speakers over the years who have written extensively on the field of time management. In a sense, this book is a summary of the ideas of these great men. I hope and pray that in reading this book, you would excel in all that you are called to do and leave an indelible mark in the sands of time for generations to come.



augustus 2010
Aantal pagina's
228 pagina's



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Proven Principles on How to Control Your Time and Make Your Life Productive
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