Zen Supremacy Being, Acknowledging, Perceiving, Changing and Achieving

Zen Supremacy
Auteur: Daniel Marques
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781508843139
  • maart 2015
  • 88 pagina's
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This book is divided into five chapters:

The Spiritual Identity;

The Acknowledgement of God;

The Perception of Happiness;

The Transversality of Pureness;

The Achievement of Immortality.

Here, the reader will find a study of these subjects in their relation to zen philosophy, allowing a better understanding of all the topics while permitting an intersection of insights from different approaches that can be related.

The content is supported by more than 20 years practicing zen meditation and its application to modern life, as well as studying the different perspectives described and applied by buddhism and its branches in India, Tibet, Japan and China.

It is in this last country that, by experiencing the life and habits of the monks inside one of their own temples, the acknowledgement of all the previous studies with different followers of buddhism starts making its connections in an approach going beyond them. More precisely, it is when observing the difficulties that even those monks have in understanding and explaining the meaning of zen and its application to daily life that the need for this book started making sense for the author.

Zen is a path, not an end, and even though many followers of buddhism may have a certain acknowledgment allowing them to achieve some light into the subject, it is difficult to find a person that can clearly describe it to others beyond his personal experience. Many would say that zen is a lonely path that cannot be described but only earned through the development of conscience and, even though this may be true, the ones that feel difficulties in their spiritual journey still need some guidance so that they may continue on their own. It is for this reason that millions of spiritual individuals seek for teachers or books that can help them and it's for this same reason that the author has found himself many times explaining to students of zen buddhism what their books and teachers couldn't. He has spent all his life, since a very early age, studying different religious believes from all over the world. Therefore, this book doesn't intend to promote zen philosophy in particular or buddhism is general, but instead allow a better perception about how the practice of zen can help anyone in daily life, including in the study of different spiritual groups.

This is a book out of the box, combining the interpretation of zen with many others, so that the reader may break free from the attachments of false teachings, confusion and delusional theories; and, won't try to represent any buddhist branch in particular, although may actually help in interpreting any of their beliefs. It is a spiritual perspective with a multitude of applications and combinations, simply because zen is not a dogma and can't be explained by closed minds, but a life-style promoting all life. Zen is a never-ending cycle of spiritual transformation towards enlightenment.



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88 pagina's



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