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Daring the Doctorate

The Journey at Mid-Career
Daring the Doctorate
Bindwijze: Paperback


  • Engels
  • 196 pagina's
  • Rowman &Amp; Littlefield
  • december 2012
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Daring the Doctorate is the first major work to address the life circumstances of mid-career doctoral students. Based on the experiences of fifteen successful graduates, the author develops perspectives and frameworks to assist those contemplating doctoral study, as well as faculty and staff advisors and even recent graduates who wonder whether only they found the road to graduation so complicated.

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Taal Engels
Afmetingen 0x254x178 mm
Gewicht 390,00 gram
Geschikt voor 22 jaar en ouder
ISBN10 1610486943
ISBN13 9781610486941

Review Daring the Doctorate

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