Dead Europe

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Auteur: C. Tsiolkas

  • Engels
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  • Atlantic Books
  • november 2011
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Isaac, a young Australian photographer, is travelling through Europe. His whole life he has longed for the sophistication and wealth of the Europe of his father's stories, the Europe at the centre of civilization and culture. But behind the facade of a unified and globalized contemporary society, he finds a history-blasted wasteland, a place forever condemned by the ghosts of its unspeakable past. In the mountain village in the Balkans where his mother was born, he unearths ancient terrors that have not been laid to rest, and perhaps never can be. Part long-forgotten myth, part meditation on the violence and tragedy of contemporary Europe, Dead Europe is an unsettling story about blood lust and blood revenge; a novel of blazing brilliance from the acclaimed author of The Slap.



Auteur C. Tsiolkas
Taal Engels
Vertaald uit het Engels
Afmetingen 34x198x129 mm
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ISBN10 0857891227
ISBN13 9780857891228

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Trefwoord(en) Fiction , General

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Review Dead Europe

De reviews worden geladen.

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