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The Invisible Hands

Top Hedge Fund Traders on Bubbles, Crashes, and Real Money
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The Invisible Hands
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  • Engels
  • 476 pagina's
  • John Wiley &Amp; Sons Inc
  • oktober 2011
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Hedge fund managers who survived and profited through the 2008 financial crisis share their secrets In light of the colossal losses and amidst the resulting confusion that still lingers, it is time to rethink money management in the broadest of terms. Drastic changes need to be made, and managers who actually made money during 2008 make for a logical starting place. The Invisible Hands provides investors and traders with the latest thinking from some of the best and the most successful players in money management, highlighting the specific risk and return objectives of each, and discussing the evolution of certain styles and beliefs in money management. Contains revealing interviews with top hedge fund managers who survived and prospered through the 2008 financial crisis Outlines investments and strategies for the rocky road ahead Reveals how hedge fund managers are seeking a new paradigm of risk management and profit making opportunities in the post-crisis world Gives guidance on how traditional investors such as pensions, endowments, foundations and family offices should rethink how they approach asset allocation and portfolio construction Page by page, the top macro thinkers found in this book reveal their own approaches to markets, risk, and the broader world in which we live, as well as their advice on how investors should be approaching money management in today's uncertain world.

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Auteur Steven Drobny, Steven Drobny
Overige betrokkenen Jared Diamond
Soort Met illustraties
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 32x227x153 mm
Gewicht 578,00 gram
ISBN10 1118065484
ISBN13 9781118065488

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The Invisible Hands
Engels | Paperback
Inside the House of Money
Engels | Hardcover
The Invisible Hands
Engels | Ebook
Inside The House Of Money
Engels | Paperback
Inside the House of Money
Engels | Ebook
Inside the House of Money
Engels | Paperback
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