Windchimes, Butterflies And A Journey Through A Poet's Heart

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  • juni 2006
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I believe that poetry manifests into images for the reader. The poetess/poet creates that picture, a place painted with words, so that the reader may step into the experience from the emotions expressed. The image in thought is a message from the poet's heart to others -- be it the joy of love, the agony of loss, or the inspiration from the simplicity of nature itself. Come journey with me through my words. Hear the windchimes as they dance upon the breeze, see the sunset that brings a couple pleasure, experience the breathless intoxication of romance, and meet the souls who make up the patchwork of life A journey through a poet's heart

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Auteur Margaret Hall, Margaret , LaVonne Hall
Taal Engels
Oorspronkelijke titel Windchimes, Butterflies and a Journey Through a Poet's Heart
Gewicht 152,00 gram
ISBN10 142413823X
ISBN13 9781424138234

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Categorieën Literatuur > Gedichten > Meer gedichten
Trefwoord(en) General , Poetry

Review Windchimes, Butterflies And A Journey

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