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Wreck This Box

Wreck This Journal, This Is Not A Book and Mess
Auteur:  | 
Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: Keri Smith & Keri Smith

  • Engels
  • 3 pagina's
  • Penguin Books UK
  • oktober 2013
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This beautiful box set contains the finest combination of three books, Wreck This Journal, This Is Not A Book and Mess, from the best selling author Keri Smith.

Wreck This Journal is a unique interactive book that inspires the inner rule- breaker in all of us to discover creativity in unorthodox ways -- by tearing up, drawing in, and generally destroying the book itself.

Meanwhile, This Is Not A Book questions the conventional uses of books, and encourages various other ways of engaging with a book's physical shape in order to find new means of entertainment.

Mess completes this series by challenging readers to embrace disaster amid intentionally chaotic situations, and be open to whatever unexpected outcomes may result from these messes.

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Auteur Keri Smith, Keri Smith
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 51x201x133 mm
Gewicht 829,00 gram
ISBN10 184614681X
ISBN13 9781846146817

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