Egypt to Canaan LUISTERBOEK

Egypt to Canaan
Auteur: John Ritchie
  • Engels
  • Luisterboek
  • 9781633893887
  • april 2015
  • Verteller: Paul Ansdell
  • Speelduur: 04:19:58
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In From Egypt to Canaan John Ritchie traces the epic journey of the Israelites from their redemption by blood all the way to the promised land. These incidents in Israel's history are illustrative pictures or ‘types’ (in the book of Hebrews they are called patterns, figures, and shadows) from which God will teach us important spiritual lessons if we are willing to learn them. It is profitable to hear about these things to learn again of the power and grace of God, the love and sacrifice of our Saviour, and the never-failing resources available for us as we travel through the wilderness of this world. Christ is the key to all these parts of Holy Scripture for everything was pointing forward to Him.

This was an unholy and often stiffnecked people (like ourselves) amenable to the wrath of a holy God, yet how wonderful it is to see how God would find a way by which He might dwell among them and fulfil His purposes about them.

“Egypt is a figure of this world where Satan rules, where the flesh is ministered to, and where it has plenty to feed upon, and where as sinners we are found to be the servants of Satan.”

“Canaan is not really a type of what a believer enters after death when he departs to be with Christ, for there we shall be at rest. In Canaan we must handle the sword and shield, as in Ephesians 6, in conflict with wicked spirits who would dispute our right and hinder our enjoyment of what grace has given to us…”

The short chapters of this book are self-contained studies of topics of spiritual value. In the belief that such teaching is timeless in its relevance and applicability, this is a new edition in a style, format and language suited to the present day.



april 2015
Met illustraties


John Ritchie
Paul Ansdell
Words by the Wayside



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