Fathers and Families Paternal Factors in Child Development

Auteur: Henry B. Biller
Taal: Engels
Fathers and Families
Auteur: Henry B. Biller
Uitgever: Abc-Clio
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  • 9780865692275
  • Druk: Annotated edition
  • januari 1993
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Biller, well known for his extensive research into the impacts of involved fathering or the absence thereof, provides a comprehensive, straightforward analysis of just how important paternal involvement really is. He describes the great advantages accruing to a child when the father, as well as the mother, actively participates in the parenting process. Fathers who sustain high interest and a true presence in a child's nurturing significantly influence body image, self-esteem, moral standards, intellectual achievement, and social competency. The benefits, Biller shows, extend beyond the father-child relationship and include heightened spousal satisfaction and a sense of overall family well-being. The reciprocal influences of father, mother, and child development, are considered within a lifespan biopsychosocial perspective. This is an important and compelling treatment of a topic of immense concern not only to individual families but to society as a whole. Biller, by relating specific issues to fathers' roles and influences, offers the first integrated analysis of just how important a father's caring presence and active involvement is to his child's--and spouse's--psychosocial well-being. This balanced study of paternal factors addresses not only such issues as nurturance, discipline, and the cultivation of self-esteem, intelligence, and creativity but also family problems so evident in current society. There is a thorough analysis concerning complex connections among gender roles, parenting, and personality development. The work is highly substantive, realistic, and encouraging in its potential for guidance and offers insightful, useful conclusions on paternal behavior and influences.


The book would be a valuable source book for professionals who could refer to it for studies relating to most questions about fathering. . . . . Actually, the book is a comprehensive parenting guide for both mothers and fathers. -Family Relations ?The book would be a valuable source book for professionals who could refer to it for studies relating to most questions about fathering. . . . . Actually, the book is a comprehensive parenting guide for both mothers and fathers.?-Family Relations Henry Biller has written a masterful book on fathers that provides the most thorough coverage I have ever seen. He blends clinical insights with research knowledge to reach a level of understanding about fathers never before achieved. I highly recommend this book. -John W. Santrock Professor, School of Human Development University of Texas at Dallas A unique combination of research findings concerning paternal involvement in childrearing and advice for parents emerging from these data. . . . It is rare to find a university researcher who can skillfully apply his own results, as well as those of colleagues, to real problems confronting family members. - Norma Radin Professor Emeritus University of Michigan School of Social Work Biller's book . . . continues and extends the long-time scholarly work of Professor Biller in the area of the influence of the father on child development. In particular, his present emphasis on father-presence, as opposed to the earlier emphasis on father-absence, is a unique and valuable contribution, and the work will be a welcome addition to the study of the role of the father in child development. - A. Barclay, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Saint Louis University [This] is a much needed addition to the growing literature on the important contributions men make to children. . . . Using the most recent research, case studies, and personal reflections, Biller makes a compelling argument against rigid gender roles that keep mothers overburdened and encourage father neglect. This book will make an excellent central or supplementary text in psychology and sociology courses on individual and family development. It is a book that will be kept for reference long after the course is over. - Jane R. Dickie Professor of Child Psychology Director of Women's Studies Hope College Fathers and Families presents a lucid, comprehensive, and compelling account of the pervasive 'two-parent advantage, ' the benefits of highly invested and competent paternal care of children. Biller writes in a crisp, narrative style that is unencumbered with psychobabble. Each chapter includes annotated references for more detailed treatment of core topics. This volume offers both practical advice that helps define meaningful nurturing roles for men and a review of what family scholars have elucidated concerning paternal contributions to optimal child development. - Frank Pedersen Research Professor, Individual and Family Studies University of Delaware



Annotated edition
Aantal pagina's
344 pagina's


Henry B. Biller



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Paternal Factors in Child Development
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