God and Evidence Problems for Theistic Philosophers

God and Evidence
  • Engels
  • Hardcover
  • 9781441149435
  • augustus 2013
  • 160 pagina's
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God and Evidence presents a new set of compelling problems for theistic philosophers. The problems pertain to three types of theistic philosopher, which Lovering defines here as 'theistic inferentialists,' 'theistic non-inferentialists,' and 'theistic fideists.' Theistic inferentialists believe that God exists, that there is inferential probabilifying evidence of God's existence, and that this evidence is discoverable not simply in principle but in practice. Theistic non-inferentialists believe that God exists, that there is non-inferential probabilifying evidence of God's existence, and that this evidence is discoverable not simply in principle but in practice. Theistic fideists believe that God exists, that there is no discoverable probabilifying evidence (inferential or non-inferential) of God's existence, and that it is nevertheless acceptable-morally if not otherwise-to have faith that God exists. Lovering argues that each type of theistic philosopher faces a problem unique to his type and that they all share two particular problems. Some of these problems take us down an entirely new discursive path; others down a new discursive path branching off from an old one.


Given the wide range of current objections to a belief in God, this is an ambitious project - but it is one which [Lovering] successfully fulfils. In a discussion which is throughout admirably clear, accessible, persuasive, careful and well-informed, he is scrupulously fair to his opponents... This is an impressive addition to the current body of pro-atheist philosophical argumentation. -- Nicholas Everitt, University of East Anglia, UK Lovering's book is a welcome addition to the literature. His arguments are novel and forceful... While Lovering's arguments might not conclusively refute the theistic views he considers, they do show that these positions will be incredibly difficult to defend. And that is no small achievement. -- Clayton Littlejohn Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews God and Evidence is wonderfully concise and describes the options open to defenders and opponents of theism at various junctures at an effective and exciting pace... Lovering exposes some evasive maneuvers popular among advocates of theism as inadequate by showing the unacceptability of their wider deleterious effects on our knowledge of God. -- Hugh Burling Reviews in Religion & Theology [A] very good introduction to the problems that theists have to face in understanding the relationship of their theism to evidence: the problems are nicely set up; the questions Lovering poses are the right ones to pose; the criticisms he levels against the variety of answers he considers are cogent even if due to the breadth of coverage he is aiming for they are seldom conclusive. Like all good books, then, it gets one thinking. -- T.J. Mawson The Journal of Theological Studies [The book] contains much new material and even the old is refashioned -- T. J. Mawson, St. Peter's College, University of Oxford, UK Journal of Theological Studies, vol. 65



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160 pagina's



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Problems for Theistic Philosophers
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