Making Love to God The Path to Divine Sex

Making Love to God
Making Love to God
Auteur: Tina L Spalding
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  • Paperback
  • 9781622330096
  • Druk: 1
  • oktober 2013
  • 406 pagina's
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Because you do not accept what you are, an immortal being having a creative experience with body, you cannot find that which you seek so desperately. Your misteachings about sexuality and God keep you from integrating sexual energies with God energies in any meaningful way, and so the path to heaven on earth through blissful sexual union eludes you to a great extent. The sexual energies of the ego are leading you to a dark and dangerous precipice, and we wish to call you back — back to love and the loving, kind, fulfilling, and glorifying expressions of spiritual love, your true salvation. We are here to teach the way to divine bliss, and we know you are scared — scared to lie naked caressing your lover with rapt attention and honor. We know you are scared to kiss and kiss and connect, to feel such deep connection and pleasure that the ego starts to get very nervous, sensing the threat to the well-guarded and limited access to your heart that it deems to be safe. We have never seen more hurt and lonely people anywhere than on this planet at the moment. You are all in such a state that we have come from far and wide, from different times and places, to teach you how to relieve the deep suffering you are in. And indeed, it is in the bedroom, in your relationship to yourself, your lover, and God, that these hurts began. You cannot lead a passionless day and have a passion-filled night; it will not happen. Give love all day, and you will be guaranteed to receive love all night. The divine sexual experience connects you, God, and your lover — if you have one — together in a divine dance of bliss.— Ananda through Tina Louise Spalding



oktober 2013
Afmeting: 22,6 x 15,2 x 2,3 cm
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406 pagina's


Tina L Spalding



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