Sprich Deutsch Coloring Book No.1 Color to Relax and Learn German at the Same Time

Sprich Deutsch Coloring Book No.1
Auteur: Rosie Ratburg
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781539858508
  • oktober 2016
  • 72 pagina's
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Learn German word sentences and vocabulary in a fun and easy way by coloring while learning. This will help you to let go of tensions from the daily hurdles to relax at the same time! The Sprich Deutsch Coloring Book series intends to broaden and help practice your German vocabulary in a new and fun way. Each book of the series has 24 themed vocabulary words or word sentences. The themed words will help you to expand your vocabulary in an uncluttered way since they belong together. The word sentences and expression words allow you to speak some basic German right away. The first book in the series includes basic nouns and word sentences that are used in daily living and interaction. Other books cover animals and their sounds, colors and other adjectives, food and drinks, being at the restaurant, shopping, driving directions, opposites, hobbies, and many more.Each book from the series has a German pronunciation guide, a table of content with included translation of the words and word sentences, as well as four exercise pages at the end. This will help you to secure the success of learning the new vocabulary words and word sentences. The Sprich Deutsch Coloring Book Series is for both, total beginners in German and all that want or need to reinforce and expand their German vocabulary. Using coloring pages is a fun way to do this and lets your subconscious work in its own ways. The Sprich Deutsch Coloring Books are for older children all the way up to older adults. Learning a new language has shown to be a great way to stimulate the brain and even prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. The benefits of using the Sprich Deutsch Coloring Book series are various: 1. Learning themed vocabulary and word sentences of a new language.2. Relax while coloring the words and pattern.3. Stimulate emotion through colors.4. Keep up and/or expand the fine motor skills of the hands.5. Stimulate the brain hemispheres (use of sight, fine motor skills) as well as the front lobes (focus, concentration).



oktober 2016
Aantal pagina's
72 pagina's



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