The Bible
Auteur: Mr David Koshy
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781719378086
  • mei 2018
  • 168 pagina's
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The Bible is a maze of doctrines pointing in all the directions. With its voluminous text it is easy to get lost in it, when only a selective, restrictive and the need to know only doctrines are presented. That does not reveal the sequences and the links for the judgement day and the salvation of God. Salvation is the crux of Christianity.This book provides all the needed answers at the individual level for the average believer. It summarizes and simplifies the good news of the kingdom of God that Jesus Christ preached. It ties up almost all of the loose ends and joins all the dots that is not preached and presented anywhere else.It provides a wealth of knowledge and information on the Bible, in a systemic and concise manner, from the making of a believer to faith, leading finally to salvation with all the inter related doctrines that is more often casually mentioned, but never dissected for the purpose of greater understanding and study of the word of God that can change the life of the believer positively. The climax of the book is found in the last chapter. It explains what is salvation, how it can be missed or achieved in spite of the all the absence, failure or the lapses of faith by the average believer. It is a ready made hand book for preachers, students and the average believers for numerous presentations with all the permutations and combinations of doctrines for seminars, conferences and assignments in an inter connected fashion that gives credibility to the word of God with all the relevance at the individual level. It contains 52,000 words with 700 biblical references that gives access to what God wants every believer to know. It gives an in depth and an insider role and status, not the usual ring side view that is regularly and routinely presented. It is for all the Bible enthusiast who want to think outside the square box in relation to what is said in the Bible without all the hype and the din. The chapters are not in any long monotonous fashion but is divided up in sections, subsections that presents the numerous doctrines in a highly easy to understand that makes the reading and retention easy for preaching and Bible study. The Holistic approach of the making of a believer first, then living a life that pleases God and last, but not least, not loosing the very sense of direction to salvation is the big picture of God.



mei 2018
Aantal pagina's
168 pagina's



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