Xtreme Manly Man Force of Intense Badassery 1 - The Fountain of Testosterone Ebook Tooltip Xtreme Manly Man Force of Intense Badassery, #1

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  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9789493287426
  • 28 maart 2023
  • Adobe ePub
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They're going to need a lot more than infinity gallons of blood for this one...

Rick lives up to his mercenary name - Ultra Death Graveman Death Death Death (UDGD), while his former partner-turned-adversary, HTO, seeks revenge for a perceived slight that launches both men down a path that neither may return from.

The quest is noble. A crusade intended for the manliest of men, set against the backdrop of evildoers, villains, and cutthroats...and those are the good guys. Allegiances are never sure on the road to absolute testosterone driven power - just as UDGD forms a band of "fierce" followers, doubts are raised and trusts are questioned.

-A Swordsman that cannot stop screaming and lives off a diet of blood and meat.

-A rough and mysterious fencer that... actually now that you mention it, fights a WHOLE LOT like HTO...

-Some... Scientist dude that actually isn't all that manly - come on now!

-But a Robot Man - whoa, now that's more like it! This guy's totally manly! Cool scythe, too!...

The bottom line in this fantasy, sci-fi satire is 'cover your own ass' - death is coming, and it may be yours.

Obliterate your fears - jump into the wild depths of Subspace to discover just how manly men can become!


This novel is satirical in nature - allow me to spread the jam out on the toast for you on this one:

This novel contains mature, "badass" material and themes that some readers will find highly offensive but mostly cool. Expect bad words said by grownups, potty words, blood, guts, and more than one reference to sexual bits, actions, and/or orientations, most of which will likely be used in derogatory or otherwise offensive manners. Social insult and generally offensive behavior is part of the subtext of this story. Begin this text with the expectation that big angry men are running to where you are right now to hurt your feelings, because they are. This is intended for audiences of sixteen years or older, though every human develops at different paces of tolerance. Sexuality, Ability, Ethnicity, Culture, and more are all on the chopping block in order to provide the most appropriately accurate "Subspace" experience as possible.

Use your own discretion.

You have been warned.



Oorspronkelijke releasedatum
28 maart 2023
Ebook Formaat
Adobe ePub


Kell Inkston
Butterdragons Publishing

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