But Officer, I'm Straight! EBOOK Tooltip A First Time Gay Encounter

Auteur: Gavin York
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Gavin York
Uitgever: Smashwords
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781370352166
  • juli 2017
  • Adobe ePub
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When Todd Daniels is pulled over on the Los Angeles freeway, he knows it's all over. He's driving a stolen car at 100 mph, he's high, and he's on his way to sleep with his best friend's girl. It's been a night of bad decisions, and judging by the big black stud in his rearview mirror, his luck has finally run out. Or has it? When he tries to bribe the officer, the big man gives him a choice: Spend the night giving up his anal virginity or spend the night in jail. Todd's disgusted by the offer. He's straight! He'd never let himself be used that way. Well, maybe if it's just this once...

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

I scooped my wallet off the dashboard of Johnny's corvette and fumbled for an interminable moment with my ID. He snagged it from my hands, and then asked for the registration.

''Uh,'' I started, ''you know I think it--''

He gave my card the most cursory of glances. ''Todd Daniels. You know you're in a lot of trouble, right?''

My heart stopped. I could not force the air into my lungs. ''N-no, I, I, I--''

''You, you, you stole this car,'' he said. There was no malice in his voice, just a cold, merciless truth.

My knuckles went white on the steering wheel. ''How do you--''

''Car was flagged an hour ago. I knew as soon as I saw the plates. Apparently the owner is a friend of yours. Or used to be, I guess.''

''Look,'' I tried, ''this is all a misunderstanding. I was just borrowing--''

His piercing eyes cut me off. He unclipped a plastic square from his belt and clicked it. I squinted into the glare of a harsh white LED. Just like that, the grin was back, and this time it was real. ''Mmm. It's a bad night for you, buddy.''

''Now, just wait a second--''

The laugh shook his giant shoulders. ''Look at that, a second's come and gone. Should have taken a second before you jacked the corvette.''

''Dude, please,'' I said. ''I'll do anything! I can't go to prison.''

He tapped the car door with his nightstick. ''Technically, you go to jail first. Then it's prison. Nothing too bad happens in jail, Todd. Prison's the nasty one. Cute white boy like you.'' He shook his head, and offered a sympathetic tsking sound. ''Bad times. Very bad.''

''Mr. Lewis, I can pay--'' The words fell out of my mouth as his fingers flicked the lock in the door, wrenched the handle, and grabbed me by the shoulder. Of course I wasn't wearing a seatbelt, so he had no trouble yanking me from my seat. The toes of my Ferragamos were soon scraping the beveled asphalt. He wrenched me against the corvette.

''Are you trying to bribe me, money man?''

I clutched at his steely wrist. ''No!'' I shouted. ''Unless you're into it...''

He wrenched me hard enough to send me on a one-way trip to the pavement. Just before I hit, he pulled me back, and banged me against the trunk. I breathed a sigh of relief, then winced when I saw he'd snapped the button on my heathered Isaia. Behind Officer Lewis, the cars zoomed past at seventy miles an hour. My skull was almost thrown into that speeding meat grinder. The sound was deafening, a roar of endless Angelenos racing to their destinations. Yet I still heard his next words, like a whisper in my ear. ''Oh, I'm into it,'' he said, and softly dragged his thumb over my lip.

I slapped the hand away. ''Yo!'' I cried. ''What the hell?''

His eyes were hungry. ''You know exactly what the hell.''

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juli 2017
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


Gavin York

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A First Time Gay Encounter

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